Sponsored Post: That Pink Koala

If I have to go out with only ONE makeup, it has got to be my cosmetic lenses!
Now I'm so addicted to it, I can't leave my house without.
Bad thing, I know.

BUT! Who can resist these gorgeous designs?!

Look how they can enlarge my eyes!
Imagine me doing that pose WITHOUT lens! I will look so creepy because the pupil will look too tiny lol.

I'm wearing Super Barbie Puffy Hazel and I'm loving how natural it looks in real life. :D

Introducing my lens sponsor, that pink koala! :D

Do check out That Pink Koala for more pretty lenses and 'Like' their Facebook Page!

Closing date of their lens spree is 25th June, 6pm!

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  1. Hello! I love your lenses, but may I know where did you get/buy the brown braided hairband? Thanks! :)