Wink wink!

I took some photos for the previous advertorial and here are some that I didn't include in the post!:)
If you're interested in what lens I'm wearing, refer to the previous post.

I took these photos right after I got back from school lol. I put on more makeup for photos though! x)

Top from Cotton on.
Hair Accessory from Talisman!

I changed my concealer to Mac one and I'm loving it! Can conceal quite well!

Okay that's all, I'm lazy HAHA. I haven't study yet and I'm scheduling posts here wtf.

Also, here are some stationary from Jipaban!!

I got myself some mouse pad, a folder for my little sister, passport cover, camera strap, schedule book and a shades box!

I'm loving the schedule book! It looks like some vintage story book omg.

It's so pretty it deserves two artistic shots LOL.

Some other awesome stationary!

I just changed my camera strap into that. The quality is so good!
You can get yours from Jipaban's Papier Rever. :)

And that's all! LOVE YOU BYE.

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  1. Hi there, do you know where to get dotting tool?

  2. what's the name of the mac concealer you using?