Review : Maybelline's BB products

I won't say I'm a huge fan of maybelline's bb products but I'm sure one of the product I really like is their BB cream!
I bought two types of their BB products. One is the BBcream and the other is the BBmousse.
(I think they only have these two lol)
Like I said, I really like their BBcream, so when the mousse one came out, I was so excited and was dying to try it out. Therefore, I had super high hopes for the BBmousse.

Anyway, Maybelline's BB cream packaging is small, but I've been using this for quite some time, and there are still quite an amount of product inside!

So this is how it looks like.

Firstly, it's cream-based. Most cream products that I've used are easy to use so this product is like wise.
It's really easy to blend. I'll use my fingers to apply on my face.
The shade is just right, it matches my skin tone perfectly. Not too tan, not too fair.
Also, it's not cakey or powdery so it gives off a natural finish!

I'm guessing it's not full coverage, or maybe it's because I only use really really little amount on my face, but I really like how it wouldn't look powdery under the light!

Next is BBmousse!

I was expecting something similar to BBcream and since it's mousse (and that it's newer), I was hoping that it will be light and easier to use!

BUT it turned out totally different from what I expected and hoped for! :(

I pressed on the nozzle as lightly as possible and this is the amount that came out.
The packaging looks okay, but it's sooo hard for you to get the right amount of product out of the packaging!
Worst of all, this amount is WAY too much for your face! I tried taking a little product using my finger and blend it out on my hand.

And I'm guessing this is the amount you actually need.
Also, after the application, your whole face gets really powdery and cakey, it CRACKS when you smile.
I'm not saying that this product has got NO good points but I really can't bring myself to like it 'cause I prefer a more natural finish.
The shade is also a bit too tan for my skin tone.
I think this product will be easier to apply if you use a brush because it dries too quickly. I'll try it out someday and I hope I'll like it.

For me, I'll definitely prefer BBcream a lot more than BBmousse. Furthermore, BBmousse is more expensive than the cream one.
However, BBmousse MIGHT work for you, just that it didn't work for me.
This is just my personal opinion about these products so if you really want to purchase these, you should read on other reviews to see how it works on others.
Like I said, it might work on others, just not for me.

Alright hope you like this! x

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