I'm miss lonely.

If you happened to read my tweets last night, I was worn out because of the amazing race in the morning, and then I went to Club Avatar for the flea.
After everything, I wanted to look for a partner to have dinner with.
Then I got SOOOOO pissed because I tried contacting almost everyone on my contact list BUT none was free for me!!!!
And about 80% of them are busy with their gf/bf wtf.
A even better crap than salt to add on to my wound. -_-

So then, I called my brother and he asked me to go to Sentosa so we can all have dinner together.

Bleh I was alone so I went down about an hour earlier or something to shop alone.

Oh and I was camwhoring and snapping photos alone.
Everything turned out blurry because everyone was with someone (PFFT) and they all gave me that awkward-dafuq-you-doing-in-sentosa-alone-at-this-hour-stare.

Oh and back then, I wanted to go Sentosa for my VS wallet!!
But I didn't get it yesterday. I spent too much time contemplating if I should get it lol.
(P.s. I accidentally took a photo of the dude in the above picture, scratching his butt LOL.)

So yes, I spent about an hour shopping in VS, ended up empty-handed -_-

Then my brother and his gf and friends finally got out of USS, so we went to have dinner at Chili's!

Queue was pretty long so we waited for quite some time.


Cheese Tacos and Taco bells.
The chicken in the taco bells are so yummy!


I'm guessing these are cheesesticks. And the sambal chilli-looking sauce looks good lol.

Chicken Salad!

My Monterey Chicken!! LOL we made fun of that weird name wtf.

"Tandoori Chicken is too mainstream, so I called for Monterey." -- If you can't get it, you're too mainstream.
Okay la we thought the name looks a bit like some Indian's delicacies.

I wasn't prepared for the photo above. Had a bad photographer. Blame him.

The monorail's queue was too long so we walked back to Vivo!
Didn't even know we can walk back to vivo from Sentosa wtf. #ILiveUnderARock

Pretty pillars!

So yepp! I'll blog about the afternoon/morning part of my adventurous day lol, very soon!
Meanwhile, read this post again HAHA.

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