Club Avatar Flea

I guess all of you should know about the Club Avatar Flea the other day!
Rachell and I had a hard time locating Club Avatar wtf.

We reached there really late, about 4 plus 5 because we had amazing race in the morning, which explains why I'm in the same outfit in almost of the posts recently wtf.

One day seperated into three posts! What a productive day lol.

I didn't snap much photos but Rachell did so you can read her post on Club Avatar instead!

 With Kiyo! She's mad pretty and nice. AND I LOVE HER VOICE AND ACCENT!!!
So unfair :( BOOHOO.

With Eric! Club's such a bad place to snap photo.

Me, Eric, Sophie, Qiuqiu, Rachell, Yutaki!!
WOOHOO took photo with most of the celebrity bloggers at one go! YOU JELLY YET?!
I look so tiny. O_O

So here's with my marmee, riding on a blue elephant.


Anyway, when we were on the way to Club Avatar, we decided to film a 26seconds video about the quarrel over priority seat on the train! LOL.

No harm intended. :)


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