My nails!

If you happen to read my blog last last week (WTF Y U NO read everyday?!), I have a new nail sponsor.
And if you can't find the post, you can just refer to my side bar!

Anyway, they mailed me a few nail products so I thought I should just redo my nails by myself.

Top coat, Base Coat, Cuticle Oil, Hand Lotion and Nail file!
Gahh they are so nice! *_*

I wanted to do a nail art tutorial but I was rushing to head to bed for something the next day, so I didn't managed to! I'll do it VERY SOON :)

But here, my favourite nail colour! O.P.I's Sweet Heart.

That's all lol.
Sorry for the really short post but I thought I should just do a post or something. AWWW, okay bye x.

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