That Pink Koala (Advertorial)

Another lens shop here!
If you're not used to using GEO lens, why not try Super Barbie lens?
I'd been using Super Barbie for quite a while now and I actually really like them :)

ThatPinkKoala offers you tons of different designs!

My all-time favorite Bambi lenses!

And also another design that I will really want to try~

Another awesome thing about ThatPinkKoala is that their site is super user-friendly!
Don't you detest some online shops with very bad quality pictures & have no names for the lenses?
It's so hard to tell which is the one you like if there's no name for the lens! :(

I got all these pictures from their site.

In case you're wondering, moonlight brown is the design that I'm currently using :)
They sell the Super Barbie version!

If you're not a Super Barbie lens fan, ThatPinkKoala have other selections like Fynale, Luxury Babe, Kimchi, Ifairy & Diamond 3-tone for you to choose from!
Each brand have lots of designs so be sure to check ThatPinkKoala out!

Their spree will be closing on 31 May or when hit 120 pairs of capping.

The prices of the lens are :

3pairs onward - $17/pair
5 pairs onward - $16/pair

Be sure to quote "SPEISHI" if you were to spend $40/above to get $2 OFF !!

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  1. Hi, can i ask like if i nvr wear contacts before and i want to buy them online, i can just wear them straight away? How long after should I take them off?

    1. Hey, you cannot wear them straight off the packaging. You'll have to wash it with solution before wearing. x