The other day.

So let's rewind back to the day Rachell and I felt that GLORY wtf.
Right after Cineleisure Next Online Sensation Grand Finale, we headed to Billy Bombers for dinner.
(Yeah actually I didn't want to blog about this.....BUT I decided to post it up because I have nothing else to blog about LOL)

That really awesome Root Beer Float that I have no idea how much it is till now -_-

Roasted chicken.
DON'T BE A DUMB ASS and call for this if you have no idea how to cut a chicken properly.
I swear it looked like a dead rotten corpse 'cause I couldn't find a way to cut it and eat it properly. Gosh.

Some cream pasta with bacon.

And also, Noah, who thought he looked cute with his lolly.
Actually, no, not at all, lol.

So I was asking around on what I should blog about, and what videos I should create considering my YouTube is dying. :'(
It will be nice if you leave a comment and tell me what videos you wanna watch!
Some people requested for Dee Kosh Prata Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge and Room Tour, WHICH is what I didn't want to do LOL, but I'll put into consideration...still.

As I was saying, I asked what I should blog about, and Rachell told me I should blog about...
" Things to do when you're sick and stuck at home."

WHICH is a brilliant idea but you'll never want to know what I do when I'm sick LOL.

But I'll still tell you 'cause I'm nice.
SO..... no matter what, I'll just stay in bed. Even if there's zombie apocalypse or if the sky is falling down.
And then, I'll reach for my phone, tweet lots of crap, tell the world I'm having a fever and I'm craving for food that I cannot eat. Then I'll text/whatsapp everyone I know, telling them that I'm dying and if they have any last words.

LOL which is why it's pointless for me to blog about what I do.

So till then, take care! x

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  1. Maybe talk about what you wear to school (School Fashion)? Or spring trends you're rockin', etc. Or just your daily life as a vlog?

    ♥ Good luck!

  2. Do a what's is my purse video! :)

  3. Do a haul video!And song covers or funny things!

  4. Do a lens review on all of your lenses :D

  5. Haha I don't think you should do the cinammon challenge... it's really... gross and ugh you might end up vomiting. I'm not speaking from experience but from seeing people actually attempt it -__-
    Maybe do a fun tag? :) Like those tags with questions.

  6. You should do The Bestfriend tag with Rachell!! :D

  7. Do a makeup collection video , what's in my bag or purse video or maybe room tour . More makeup tutorials like maybe Japanese magazine inspired , gyaru makeup or Korean style ulzzang makeup or makeup inspired from kpop artists :) or even haul or vlog videos ~~~ >__< I'm like listing out a whole bunch but if you have free time do consider to do some ^^ really enjoy our makeup tutorials On YouTube btw ( ´ ▽ ` )οΎ‰