Dinner with love.

Yesterday, I headed to bugis after school to meet my darlings Rachell, Huixian and Jayne for dinner! :)

So I'll cut all the craps lol. (Actually I have nothing to say.)

We went to ..
Blujaz at Haji Lane!
I guess it's something like a pub at night 'cause they sell lots of weirdly-named beers. xD

So this is what I ordered!

Ice lemon Tea for $3.50.

Dory Fish Fillet for $8.90.
Very tender! And I like those wedges~

Rachell's Mushroom soup which is surprisingly THICK O_O and nice of course.

I wasn't very full after the meal so we went for desserts near the steamboat street which le bunnies went before!

It's called Ah Qiu desserts!

I called for the Mango Sago with Pomelo.

And I thought it's pretty good!
It's $4.00 if I don't remember wrongly.

Ending off with a few shots with babylove.
I have completely no idea why I kept giving that pervertic and disgusting expression. #ohgodwhy

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