How do I wash and dry my brushes?

Some people asked if I actually wash brushes!
Of course I do. In fact, washing your brushes is as important as washing your face.
Using dirty brushes is like reapplying sebum and oil back to your face, which may cause breakouts and other problems to your face!!
I admit, I'm very lazy so I don't USUALLY wash my brushes. I will wash them, but not regularly.
But it's really important and I heard it is recommended to wash your brushes, (especially face brushes like foundation brush/concealer brush) everyday, if you happen to put on makeup on a daily basis.

Okay so I'll show you how I clean my brushes. Here's some of my very dirty brushes that I use almost every time I do my makeup. (I haven't wash them properly for like a month already wtf, it's a sin.) 

When I'm lazy, I'll use some cheap makeup remover wipes and wipe my brushes clean before using.

But no! It's not going to help clean your brushes. It will remove a little 'leftover' product on the brush, but wouldn't clean it properly!

So this is how I wash my brushes properly.

I use Johnson's Baby shampoo 'cause the bristles of your brushes are as soft and as precious as a baby's hair.


Rinse them, put shampoo, rinse shampoo off!!
Squeeze them dry using a kitchen paper towel lightly~

Now off to how I dry them.

Drying is very important as if you lay your brushes side-way on the table, water will find it's way and seep into the brushes, and it will loosen the glue and hair will drop!!! AHH you wouldn't want that to happen.
Here's a way I learn from Michelle Phan!

She uses brush guards, and she places the brushes with the bristles facing downwards! This way, the water will run down due to gravity. Go YouTube and search if you don't know what I'm talking about.

I don't have brush guards, so I used scotch tapes!
Here's how!

Make sure you have the sticky side of the scotch tape AWAY from the brush. Common sense lol, else the scotch tape will stick on the bristles.

Place it in a cup/container like this...

If you find this troublesome, go get a few brush guards. I think it's not very cheap, but considering that you'll reuse it and will help protect your brushes, it's a wise choice.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Interesting alternative to brush guards! I've seen Michelle Phan's video on that too.

  2. Hey babe, may I know where do you edit your photos ? (:

  3. Can you pls do a makeup collection blogpost ? (^∇^)I would love to see all your awesome makeup items and recommendations keke