DIY: Fringe top

Pfft, for a moment I thought I couldn't post this DIY blogpost up already.
I accidentally took all these photos without my SD card in my camera and I have no idea how to transfer photos from my camera's build-in memory to my laptop without a USB cable.

But tralala I found my cable so hooray!

I know you all have unwanted t-shirts that you will never wear out because of the ugly design but don't want to throw away...or those that you wore way too many times and you're already bored of it!!

So in this post, I will be showing you a quick and super easy way to revamp your old top...into a trendy fringe top!

I really like fringe tops!
As much as I know, there are very limited fringe tops selling out there!
Furthermore, some of them are selling at about $20-$30. -_-
Bah, so we'll make our own! Save up those $$.

I have this T-shirt that I never wore because of the horrible pattern lol.
I'll show you how I do it!

All you need is an unwanted top and a pair of scissors!

Wear your top!
Mark down where you want your fringes to end. (In case you cut way too high!)

For the fringe to look 'flowy', you will have to cut the altered section of your tee as shown!
You'll end up with something like the photo below!

Now start cutting out your fringe!
Estimate the width of each fringe :D
Mine is around 1 cm.
The more fringe you have, the more 'flowy' it will turn out!

You don't have to be too neat since they are fringes anyway!

JIANG JIANG JIANG! You'll end up having this!
Now you can trim them if you don't want your fringe to be so long, or maybe cut the fringe even higher. Do whatever you think you need to!
At this point, if you want those beaded fringe style, you can put some beads into each fringe and tie a knot!
OR you can just leave it like this! :D

Try your new top on!

New style to your old tee!!

Hope you like this!
.....Go try it out now! :D

Remember to show me how your new fringe top looks like after you tried it~

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