Cineleisure's chambers

All must be written on MONEY.
How creative!
Saw this at Best Fries Forever's counter.

Yesterday was my first experience at Emax lol.
It's located at the 9th floor of Cineleisure!
Just TAKE THE LIFT (bahahahaha) up to the 9th floor.

Anyway, I met up with Rachell and Noah yesterday to *secret*, and went to Cineleisure for a movie!
While waiting for the movie, we went to Emax to rent an interactive chamber to play some games!

Interactive chamber is like a room for you to play games.
Hehe I doubt you know there's such a place there right!

We chose Nintendo Wii's resort sports game 'cause I wanted to play those games that we can jump and move around lol.

It's about $21 an hour for two Wii controllers, a game, and two drinks.

We wasted our first 15 mins trying to figure out why our controllers aren't working.
In the end, it's actually they forgot to attach the motion sensors on our controllers pfft.

My favourite game has got to be the Swordplay!
That loser Noah keeps losing to me and Rachell in that game so I doubt he likes it! xD

The swordplay!
The game is, the first person who drops out of the arena will lose.
Noah is so bad at it. With just a few slashes, he'll drop out of the arena xD

We didn't play for an hour 'cause we needa catch our movie.
Watched Snow White and the Huntsman.

I thought it's pretty good! I'll rate it 3/5 'cause I don't like the ending.
And those people who sat around me and Rachell........consider yourselves unlucky hahaha.
We were making a lot of stupid remarks at all the shits that happened.
I swear they make it seems like you can have everything just because you're pretty!
There are a few #youdontsay moment as well lol.
I don't want to be a spoiler so just go watch it!

I need to go study now :(

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