Hakuna Matata.

It means no worries, for the rest of your days...

It's a problem-free philosophy! 

Recently I look so horrible, I didn't dare to take photos or film a video for you guys.
I had been postponing for quite some time, so I decided to do it today.


I look as horrible.
I don't know what exactly happened to my face, so I'll blame the monthly thing we girls have. :(
In case you thought I didn't put in the effort, I DID!
I made THREE videos, but I look so bad in all of the videos so I deleted them.
Which means I flushed my effort down the toilet bowl.

I took some photos to make a post though! At least photos can be edited!
Somehow I want to thank my camera for being so awesome and make my skin look flawless so I don't have extra work to do....wth. 

By the way,  my eyes are so tiny that I can be blindfolded by a shoelace so I opened my eyes freaking big O_O. Then I turned out looking like ...


Omg. -_-

Some turned out blurry :(

Top from Taobao.
I saw this on VIVI magazine and I went crazy.

That's all for now!
Let's all pray for my normal face to come back soon so I don't have to spend my time deleting videos and Photoshopping my face.


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  1. what lense are you wearing? =)

  2. speishi !! do video tutorial of how to wear contacs pleasee ?? thanksss

  3. Good Day ArhGirl & Nice Pic U Still ChioSweet

  4. chick, you don't look bad. Haha! Your jumper is awesome :D

  5. Do you have the taobao link of the top?