Happy things.

If you didn't know about it YET, Kitty on a Spaceship's banner is up in the lifts at Orchard Cineleisure! :D So do hop on down to check out our banner!

I was soooooo dead tired yesterday, but I heard that our banner is up already so I dragged my feets to Cineleisure to meet with Rachell.
I didn't put much makeup wtf. And I have horrible eyebags and dark eye rings.
SO BAD that I hope I can buy a freaking paper bag and hide my face.

But anyway, OUR BANNER!

Okay I swear it's quite funny seeing your face so big in the lift.

We waited for the entire lift to be cleared so we can snap some photos of our banner lol.
Worst of all, we ended up helping everyone press the lift wtf. New job LOL!

Somehow, we got stuck in the lift for about 15mins and it's super stuffy.

It's okay, IT IS WORTH IT.
Bahahaha so exciting.


Then we headed up to Emax, wanted to play Wii but then Noah called to meet us up.

And then Noah came along with three friends.......
Naonao then called, and we met her up for Stingray dinner!

FML I looked so horrible yesterday, and I was thinking that I'm just meeting Rachell for the banner lol.

But it's okay! Been a while since four bunnies last gathered! Miss them all already :D

Look at my tired face. It's already Photoshopped to make it look less scary... -_-

*Wild Naomi appears.*

Ate Stingray at the kopitiam in front of Cineleisure!
We called for Kang Kong also, but the photo I took is mad blurry.

This is Noah trying to mimic Nao's Superbass. LOL!

And this is Noah trying to mimic Steven Lim when he's posing for photos with his 'fans'.
Don't lie. I know this resembles Steven Lim A LOT. Look at that face LOL!

After that, we got to Scape for a while.
But then we got kind of crazy at that point of time wtf.

Here, all three weirdos doing the steven lim pose LOL.

I think I was really a bit crazy 'cause all of my photos turned out blurry.
Still have some photos with Rachell!!!! All in her camera ~

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  1. waouu... i'm pretty sure you guys are famous person in your country, you said you didnt' put much make up but you still look cute in your picture.. <3
    i'm from Indonesia, i keep visit your blog, but not brave enough to comment your blog, cuz i shy.. :)