Alice In Wonderland Nails tutorial

I was thinking of doing my corset nail design again.
But to think of it, it's kind of boring to have a same old design.
So tralala! I came up with a new one.

I didn't thought of the theme at first, but after I completed this design, I thought it kind of reminds me of Alice in wonderland. Hmm...
I have to say I'm happy with the design, but definitely not happy with the tidiness. :( Too messy and ugly.

Bear with me!

So here's how I did it.

Start off with base coat to protect your nails. (I don't usually do this lol..)

Add three dots on the middle finger using a dotting tool/toothpick.
After that, join them up like shoe laces! Remember to form criss-crosses!

The 'corset' design will look like this after you connected the dots!
Paint your little finger black.

Paint the rest candy pink, and add a little heart below the corset.
(I only had one coat in the picture. Do two coats if your polish is as sheer as mine.)

POLKA DOTS! Dot some on your fourth finger using toothpick. If your toothpick are sharp on both sides, cut one of the end and use the thicker side to dot.

Then, paint black crackle nail polish on your thumb.
One trick I learned is to paint the crackle polish on before the base colour drys up!
This way, the crackle will crack nicely.
Also, you can get cheap crackle nail polish at Cineleisure's Beadstreet for $4.50 if you're not a fan of O.P.I / China Glaze.

JIANG! Top coat, and there you have it!
I love the candy pink colour!

Nail polishes I used in this tutorial:

1)Candy Pink from Beauty Credit.
2)Black from Sasatine.
3)Black Mesh crackle nail polish from China Glaze.
4)Top Coat from Seche Vite.

I think the photos in this post is kind of...bad LOL.

Alright, try it out and let me know if you like it!

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  1. you have such nicely shaped nails perfect for any paint job! love the polka dots haha how did you ever do your right hand (especially if you are right handed?) ^^