Part of my shoes collection.

I realized my shoes collection is growing.
Always thought I have no shoes to wear, and I always get so frustrated 'cause most of my shoes are broken.
And then I realized those broken ones that I kept sticking back are those that I wore a zillion times!
I never really stop and think which shoes will match which outfit. I'll just wear my most comfortable shoes and head out.

Nowadays, I had been wearing converse to school lol....
I guess all of us have two or more favourite shoes right? Not pretty, but just so comfortable and versatile. I like three of my wedges, and the black converse! xD

But anyways, here are a few of my shoes that I find pretty, but never really wore them before! 

Don't you love the corset design?!
It's from Jipaban. If you're lucky enough, it's still in stock so click HERE to buy.
On a sale, from $45 to $16!!! GAHHH Love sales!!

I have to say this is one of my favourite edgy-style heels, but it's painful for me. Which is why I don't like wearing heels.

Another pair from Jipaban!

I wore this for the editor's pick of the month for Jipaban!!
Sad to say it's quite loose for me. So I rarely wear it. BUT IT'S SO PRETTY D':

It's OOS on Jipaban already by the way! :(

This pair of gorgeous heels that I bought for....$9.90.
I bought this donkey years ago, when it was in the trend. I was soooooo crazy over it but it was selling at $40, almost everywhere.
I managed to dig this out from Mondo at their $9.90 counter. Not sure if they charged me correctly but I think they did.
This pair is quite painful too. I only wore it once for a wedding dinner.

My favourite pair of heels!!!
From Anna Nucci. For about $40. I don't usually splurge on shoes (especially heels since I almost never wear them.) But I decided to get this since it's on a sale. LOL and I need a pair for my prom!
I wore this for prom and NAPBAS in KL! :D
Pain level is about 5/10.

Miumiu inspired heels! Again, it was in trend. ALL OVER popteen and vivi magazines!! Then I found it at Mondo's $9.90 section. Omg I LOVE their $9.90 section.
I wanted the nude one, but they ran out of my size so...meh.
By the way, it's quite painful. And the buckle broke THE FIRST TIME I wore it out. -_- I glued it back so now I can wear it again.
I think I only worn this once for Harajuku event!

Comfy boots!! It's quite comfortable! I got this from Taobao. But Singapore's weather is crazy so I never usually wear this out.
I wore this once for the Cineleisure Fashion Challenge.

This is my highest wedges. Quite comfortable at first, but after walking in it for the entire day, I almost cannot feel my feet.
BUT I LOVE THIS. And I will wear this more often though.
If you read the Cineleisure Grand Finale post, I wore this there!

 This was sponsored by a blogshop so if you read my blog since a month ago... ;) You'll know.

I'm going to end here 'cause I can't go on anymore.
These are some of my pretty shoes but so god damn painful and unsuitable for daily wear :(

Before you question if I actually have flats, yes I do. Hahaha but I believe no flats are as gorgeous as heels/wedges so I'm featuring only these!!

Hope you like it. x

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