Twas a good day.

Hello my sunshines~

Once again, feeling the guilt for not blogging this long, so I'm back again!!!

Feels like I'm catching up with an old friend.

Anyway, life has been pretty hectic lately. Lots and lots of stress from work, but definitely getting better because I feel stronger everyday...
Have been really down for a pretty long time so I'm trying to get out of it because I know it's all up to me, and it's really my choice to live a day smiling, or frowning.
So here's my effort to making everyday a happy one!!!

Recently took a trip to Taiwan again, but this time round, it's to Kaohsiung, which is the Southern part of Taiwan! Haven't been to the southern area of Taiwan so I was really thrilled although it's a work trip for just 3 days including flight days~
Had only one day to roam around the city but it was SO NECESSARY because it really really really hit this feeling off me - like DAMN this was what I needed!!!
I know I've been travelling pretty often (mostly for work) but I have no idea why that feeling only came during this trip. Maybe 'cause it was a super impromptu trip with 0 plans, so we pretty much stayed in the room and only headed out to roam around anywhere at anytime we want. Like there was no "omg I must finish all these itineraries by today" kind of feeling too lol.

It was SUPER stress-relieving like this is the kind of break I need. T _ T
To be in a different country with someone I trust, just exploring a new place with no worries no plans (especially because I didn't feel scared to roam around Taiwan with no plans since I've been to the country and I speak Chinese) but OH MY GOSH like only if I have another few more free days there.

So ya since I really just wanted a break off things I didn't really snap a lot of pictures haha but I did a short vlog still, you can check it out at the side banner or on my YouTube channel (Take me to Taiwan - Kaohsiung)!

Ok off topic a little but I bought this Hua Diao Ji Mian (Hua diao chicken instant noodles) it was THE BOMB ok like super herbal + wine taste and has REAL chicken meat, totally blown away. Only bought two packets so really #MuchRagrets sigh.
There's this super vintage-looking packaging Zha Jiang Mian (Minced Meat Noodles) was SUPER good as well. The packaging is blue and white btw. Cool part is it's dry noodles right, but they included this other packet of seasoning for you to make a bowl of soup to match the noodles LIKE WOW such details LOL.

Wearing Tommy Hilfiger's hoodie I got when I was in London.
Never really into buying expensive clothes because I only wear my clothes once and that's it... but fell in love with this T _ T Couldn't resist so I got it. Got to wear it 129704732 times to make it worth the price hehehehe.

Back to what's going on in life...
I've been pretty busy but I LOVE being busy, AM I THE ONLY ONE?
I have no idea why, it pisses me off a little when I'm very tired from being too busy but I am still very happy in a way 'cause I feel useful and productive like I am finally doing something LOL. #MixedFeelings #MyLifeAsAWhole

Anyway, I have an event upcoming on Saturday, 3rd Feb, at Sephora Westgate, 1PM, so if you're nearby, do head down and say hi~ :D
It's my first event in the west!!! SO HAPPY BECAUSE I AM A WEST-SIDER!!!

That's all for today's blog.

Will try to get back to blogging once I find more time~


Till next time.

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