My trip to Bandung Indonesia!!!

Hello old friend. :)

Visited Indonesia (it's my first time if you exclude the very first and only time I went to Batam haha) recently and I am absolutely in love.

The massages were great and extremely affordable, given that the ambience & location were perfect.
IF I don't remember it wrongly, it was only SGD$18 for 2HR Foot and Shoulder massage + additional 15min of scrub and wrap. It's THAT crazy, I fell dead asleep halfway through lol.
The spa we went to is called Zen Spa, located pretty near to our hotel (Hilton)!

The food was AMAZING as well. Super affordable and really apt for my taste buds hehe.

I headed to Bandung for 4D3N, it is considered a highland so it gets pretty chilly at night, which is perfect for someone like me who prefers cold to hot! The volcano areas can get down to 17 degrees celsius and let me tell you how dumb I was.
I booked my air ticket to Bandung after seeing pictures, I haven't heard anything about this place except knowing that it's really pretty - and considering that it's a part of Indonesia, I assumed it's going to be as hot as SG so I packed all T-shirts and shorts. :)
If you're heading there, please remember to pack a jacket and some long pants just in case!!!

Some pictures from Bandung~~

This is the volcano area where the guides sort of scammed us lots of money. SIGH.
They brought us down to the volcano crater (it's a 30-40min hike down) and once we reached the area, we had this free foot massage going on. We wanted to tip them for the service which we didn't ask for, but just to thank them for the kind gesture, but they insisted that they cannot take tips. That's when they forced us into buying some souvenirs (going at ridiculous prices like $40 or more for a bracelet), and they told us that that's the only way to 'tip' them.
We kept refusing to get because DUH, but they started throwing pity party around on the way back to our car from the crater (another 30-40min hike up).
There were almost 8 guys following us two girls down to the crater btw. They were really helpful though, making sure we were in good hands 'cause the hike down was rather steep and slippery.
We decided to buy an item from one of them just to tip them for the services, but towards the end, one of the main guides pulled us to a corner and demanded $20 from us (lol I thought they said they can't receive tips).
So anyway, the total damage for the both of us were up to SGD$150 for just the volcano crater trip. The entrance tickets were already very steep to begin with at around SGD$40 per person.

Nonetheless, it's a super pretty place!
Remember to wear comfortable shoes 'cause it's a pretty long and dangerous hike down.
I wore converse because I didn't know and I almost died lol.

--- Super pretty that I get to act chic and feel shi shang LOL.

Kawah Putih was really pretty too!!! I heard it's really up to luck on how the place will look - Some told me it was really foggy when they went! As you can tell, the time I went was really clear~
The smell of sulphur was very intense so be warned!

Anyway, I went on IG to ask about where I should visit and try in Bandung, thank you so much to all of your recommendations! I got to try some of them and they were as great as what all of you have mentioned!!!

How can this place get ANY PRETTIER?!?!
This is the green tea field where we get to go glamping at this tent. (We didn't really plan our trip so glamping was not part of it but will love to try if I head there the next time!)

I stayed in Hilton Bandung when I was there, location was perfect, just about 15min away from airport yet very near the city area, the concierge was MORE than helpful, going the extra mile just to plan our trip for us!
We booked a private car with chauffeur at Hilton to bring us around. It can get slightly pricey (probably $100 for a half day trip, say 9am to 3pm) but it was worth it 'cause some of the places are too far away, like Kawah Putih took us about 2 hours from Hilton if I don't remember it wrongly.

We travelled around using Grab, I cannot pin point exactly to whether it is 100% safe but for the least when I was there, it was! It was really affordable as well! Trips around the city costed SGD$3 most and there was a promo code going on when we were there so trips can go as cheap as $0.10 wth!!! There was this one trip that was $0.10 and the driver just decided to give us a free ride HAHAHA.
If you're going nearby the trips will probably cost around a dollar or less. Either way, it's the most convenient way to travel around, especially when we have no idea where the destination is, just find it on the app! xD

FOOD WISE, here's a perfect recommendation from one of my followers!

Timbel Dago!!!!!
The chicken was PERF but a little small so please order extra servings of the chicken itself!!!!!


Can't remember where this was at but they have a huge selection of food too!

Either way, the Bandung experience was jaw-droopingly AMAZING and I really can't wait to plan another trip down to Indonesia soon!
It's such a nice place to just head down and chill. T _ T

I miss it so much.

Thanks for sticking by as always, see you soon~~~


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  1. Bandung looks so fun and beautiful! Thanks for the tip about the transport too, so cheap!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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  3. Hello,
    It is nice to read your blog...
    By the way, do you know that you are so pretty?

    Where you from?
    Please come to Bali also...

  4. Hi Speishi!

    Firstly, your smiles in every picture were really contagious. It makes me smile too with all the happy pictures that you've posted.

    I have only been to Pontianak and Ampaning in Indonesia before, and indeed, the place that you visited were pretty exotic and photogenic to begin with.

    If I ever get to go for the volcano tour someday, I will prepare myself for what's expected during the visit!

    Stay cheerful!

  5. Hi Peishi, nice review about Bandung, I'am a citizen of Bandung, and very interesting after reading your blog, I have a question about Bandung travel if you would may to answer; What do you like most about travelling in Bandung? the scenery? What place that have a good memories that very interesting for you? would you visit Bandung again nearby?

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  9. wow when yu go back indonesia ?