Happy brunch day


Done with all my work and now I'm a freeloader once again. Which isn't very healthy because there are so many things that are stressing my mind lately, and since I'm not doing anything I tend to overthink even more.
It's crazy 'cause sometimes I get confused with what's real and what's not LOL, my mind playing with me dafuq.

Got to head out with my girls the other day, it's always good to hang out with people so I won't get overwhelmed by things in my mind.
We went to the arcade after brunch, it was so fun hehe. If you haven't get to watch my vlog that day, please do~~

Anyway, some food pictures from brunch!

Sweet Potato Fries which was so good.....

Huge Breakfast Platter~

Mid-joint wings. I'm a fan of chicken wings so...

Pork Belly which was extremely massive haha.

My Duck Confit Hash! Shredded Duck Confit with Rosti and Poach Eggs!

Also some Truffles fries!

Thanks for sticking by!!!


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