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Back with an update!

Also, since the whole influencer ad saga thing is going around lately... (Anyway I really dislike the term INFLUENCER it sounds really weird lol)

As much as it's my job (it's the only place I get all my income from), I take it very seriously when it comes to sharing anything with all of you because I know all (or most) of you who follow me trust what I say and share online which I am extremely grateful for and for that, I will only share things I like, things that I believe are worthy to share, OR relatable to me even if I am paid.

Also, need you to know that even though the posting is paid, they are going to be up on MY platform, which means I get to choose to reject all ads which require me to say or do anything I am uncomfortable with, or that I feel is not relatable, and worst of all, lying to my followers.
There are many many ads that I've rejected along the way, so I hope you understand it really matters to me, what I share on my platforms, even if money is important to me HAHAHAHA #MoneyFaceButMoralsAndDignity #Swek

There can be mistakes along the way... but I'm trying really hard to make sure there will be none.


Finally got my hair dyed again. Not like I didn't get to dye my hair for years but I usually get it done quite often HAHAHAHA but recently gotten SLIGHTLY busier so didn't have time to head down.

ANYWAY my hair was faded into this yellowish brown so I got it dyed to grey!

It's like this ashy grey highlights~~~
Not sure the name of it but if you want to do it, find Takuya at CLEO Hair & Make and tell him you like my hair HAHAHA.
Anyway, Takuya is really good at customising hair colour as well, I usually just tell him what I feel like having VERY vaguely and he can just whip up with something really pretty.

CLEO Hair & Make is located at The Central - Clarke Quay MRT, take the lift at Blue zone (you will see Subway), and go all the way up to L4! They are just right outside the lift. :)

Also recently trying to werk nude lip colours since it's all the hype now but it's not really working well on me HAHAHA.

Have you caught my latest video?!?!?!
My Makeup Collection!
You can see the link at the side bar on your right! Please watch and subscribe to my YouTube Channel, I'm trying to update more often there.

Thank you so much for sticking by~

Thanks for reading!


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