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Have you heard of Bath & Body Works?

If not, you're missing out on A LOT!!!

Bath & Body Works is a famous American Brand with tons of different varieties when it comes to fragrances for hand and body care~

Before Bath & Body Works came to Singapore, I heard so many international YouTubers raving about it, they will always have some "Bath and Body Works Haul" video!
I was sooooo thrilled to hear that they came to Singapore and when I first step into their store, I was just so happy I tried out all of their signature scents. xD

Did you know that they are having their biggest Semi-Annual Sale now? Don't forget to pop by their store, and stock up some of your favourites!

They sent me a gift set the other day...

Mad about you!

It is one of their best-selling fragrance which they have finally brought back!

Mad about you is a passionate scent of love *hint to all the boyfriends since Valentine's Day is soon, this could be a gift idea ahem ahem*~
It's a love struck pairing of soft peonies, black currant kissed with creamy vanilla musk.

I love this scent as it reminds me of romance, something I will use right before a dinner date. ;)
They don't just smell good, they work great too!

One trick I do every night is to apply some Bath and Body Works Scented Body Lotion or Body Cream on my feet, and then wear on your favourite comfy cotton socks to keep your feet warm!
The next morning, you will have super soft and nice-smelling feet. xD

The set comes with a shower gel, body spray, body lotion and body cream!
Fully equipped to make sure you smell divine top to toe!!!! ^_^

They have other amazing fragrances as well which includes Japanese Cherry Blossom, Pink Chiffon, Moonlight Path and Warm Vanilla Sugar~

I own both Japanese Cherry Blossom and Pink Chiffon, I have to say they are both so lovely, I'm sure every girl will fall for those. *_*

Head down to your nearest Bath and Body Works because you have to TRY IT TO BELIEVE IT!!!

They have in-store sink for you to try their shower or body gel as well~ I always love to visit Bath and Body Works and spend a whole lot of time there just trying out their many yummy fragrances~ :)

You can find Bath and Body Works at B1-10/11 at Takashimaya or B2-42 at Marina Bay Sands Shoppe!

Visit their FB Page for more details~

Visit their FB Page and sign-up for more amazing deals and news~

Thanks for reading~

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