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One thing I dislike the most when travelling is looking for internet in a foreign country!
There are so much inconvenience having to look for one that keeps me connected throughout the trip with no hassle, on top of that, it's a foreign country, which makes everything even more inconvenient.

The previous time I visited Bangkok, I had no internet throughout the trip until I got back to my hotel because I didn't know which SIM card I should get, or how I can get one without having to go through lots of troubles (which I've been through in other countries)!

It was a hassle without internet while travelling around in Bangkok back then as a social media addict. xD
I find the constant need to update my whereabouts throughout the trip, and was excited to share about the new places I've been...

If I had quick internet connection, I wouldn't have to worry and I can share everything I wanted right at the spot~

This was me at Chatuchak Market last year!

I'm so happy to hear about AIS Traveller SIM card and their very good service mind that put foreigners' worries and inconvenience in thought!


You can get AIS Traveller SIM at Savanabhumi International Airport (Bangkok) and you can choose from several unlimited internet packages such as 7 days, 10 days or 30 days packages!

On top of that, they will change the SIM card and set everything up for you so you can use the phone the moment you step out of the shop~ :)

There is a set up guide provided just in case you need it. ;)

It's also very easy to top-up money into your card, just visit any 7-11 and hand the user manual to the staff, they will take care of everything for you!

In case of any issues, their call centre staff can speak Chinese, Korean and English~

Their ready-to-use packages are awesome 'cause they have non-stop internet and free call credits offering in various ready-to-use packages!

You don't have to worry about their connection as AIS is the most trusted network in Thailand, on top of their friendly staff and good service, they provide awesome connection where you get to call home with excellent voice quality, and you can use their internet anywhere and stay connected even on the mountain!!!

AIS Traveller SIM customers get 100 Baht discount code when booking via Golfdigg App (Limited to 1 time per AIS Traveller SIM number per month)

Golfdigg is a mobile golf booking service on iPhone and Android, currently offering over 30 golf courses all across Thailand with up to 80% discounts.

AIS Traveller SIM customers get 10% discount when booking any packages with Local Alike (Limited to 3 times per AIS Traveller SIM number per month)

Local Alike is a travel company that offers a wide range of community-based tourism experiences. Travelers get to take part in off the beaten path experiences that contribute to the preservation of local ways of life and conservation of our environment. 

For more information, visit their website!

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