HAPPY 2016!

Haven't got to update my blog for a while... as always.
I've been really caught up lately!

How did you celebrate your New Year's Eve? :)

Wanted to do up a post to sum up my 2015 as always, but as I'm getting lazier every year.... It took me a while to find the effort and stop procrastinating hahahaha.

Here's part of why 2015 was amazing!

I graduated in 2015 from my poly in May.
I got out of internship in Feb (it was a horrendous experience btw I was stuck in there for 6 months and was sooooo happy to get out of it finally and take home the piece of diploma I've been wanting to get since Day one lol)!

I booked a trip to Korea in March with my best friend, Wan Teng. It was THE BEST TRIP because we stayed in Seoul for almost a month, and it was really the rainbow after the rain. It was a gift for myself after being stuck in a horrible place for 6 months.

It's my second visit to Seoul, but I really LOVE that place so much I think I need to make another visit there very very soon!

After that, I pretty much just waste my life away everyday just staying home doing nothing HAHAHA.
As many of my friends are going back to school (uni), I have no feel for school still.

Many of you have been asking if I've ever considered going to school again, I most definitely do, schooling is something important and achieving a degree is something I really thought I needed.
I have to admit I don't feel like going to school anymore, since I'm earning fine online.
It's still within consideration haha I'm at the crossroad where I'm pretty much confused about life.

And to clear up most of the doubts from all of you, yes I am working, as an online influencer, I earn from blogging, from posting on my social media platforms.
How does this work?
Advertisers approach me to advertise for them on my platforms, and for every posting, I earn a sum of money!
As an online influencer I earn from quite a lot of platforms, like appearance on videos for advertisements, event attendance...

I'm satisfied with what I'm doing, it can be better, I can be better, but I'm glad I am where I am. And I can't be more thankful for everyone's help and support for bringing me to where I am. I am extremely grateful.

Moving on......

I travelled a lot this year! It's sort of in my bucket list to travel to places I've been yearning to visit before I turn 21 WITHIN my own abilities. It's not something easy to achieve, and I am elated to be able to do this.

Got to visit Bangkok for the first time in my life with my family~
It's quite funny I haven't really get to visit Bangkok despite it being one of the top-visited countries by Singaporeans haha. I really liked that place but damn it was HOT. T _ T

After Bangkok, I got to fly to Kanazawa in Japan (my very first time in Japan) in November thanks to ANA and Rakuten~

Got to try picking grapes and apples in a fruit farm, eating them right away...

And strolling around Geisha district in a Kimono with one of my favourite people...

As much as it's a work trip, I really really enjoyed myself!!!

Got to visit NYC as well, which I've never in my life will imagine myself standing in front of Times Square at the age of 20.
The feeling was rather unbelievable. Being able to travel so far away from home without my family, all out of my very own pocket.

It was a trip that made me felt everything around me was so surreal.
Being in such a foreign country made me feel I was actually just so tiny, not just literally.
That all the 'success' I thought I've ever received in life are just so so small, and it made me realise how we should never be overwhelmed by a little bit of success in life.
Saw so many talented people around, putting in so much effort in the things they have passion for... it made me realise how I am really nothing much at all, and I have so many things to work on.

It was surreal to see Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building in person as well!

Right after NYC, I got to visit Tokyo with my family.
It was another meaningful trip to me because it was always a dream for me to bring my family to a country we really wanted to visit since young, within my own abilities again.
And I am just so elated that the day came a lot earlier than I thought.

Managed to get a sponsorship from KEIO Plaza Hotel and tried some of the most exquisite Japanese cuisine with my family which I never thought I will ever get to try.

The people at KEIO were super welcoming to me and my family~

We got to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea as well, places that I've been dying to go to since I was really young.
I remember back in the days most of my friends in school have already visited Tokyo Disneyland at least once and I've ever complained like a mad kid to my dad before that I really wanted to visit Tokyo Disneyland hahahaha (shit the thought of it makes me want to slap the mad kid I was back in the days wtf).
My dad brought us to HK Disneyland when we were older, I think it was when I was 15!
It was one of the best time I had spent with my family, and I told myself, I REALLY NEED TO VISIT TOKYO DISNEYLAND SOMEDAY!

And it happened!
Turns out Tokyo Disneyland wasn't that interesting though HAHAHAHA it was pretty similar to the one in Hong Kong..... Tokyo Disneysea was amazing though, I loved it!

My brother didn't get to join us for this trip though~ :(

On top of travelling around, I got to experience so many other things like acting in a drama on Ch 5 HAHAHAHAHA and took my very first puff on the small screen. It reminds me of how much I hate cigs LOL.

Also got to judge for Beauty Bound Asia in Singapore, was elated to be able to see so many talented people that I need to learn from myself!

All in all, 2015 has been an amazing year for me, a year I got out of my comfort zone, and opening myself up.

Also a year that sort of burn a hole in my pocket but the happiness, experience, things that I've learned from travelling around, as well as the time spent with my loved ones, it's definitely worth it. :)

I've learned so many things in 2015, not just from travelling around, but so many other 'first-times' that I've experienced in 2015.
Good or bad, they are all experiences which helps to build me up to who I am.

2015 has been a year that I have received overwhelming love from people around me, and make me realise how there is really rainbow after the rain.

I am a lucky girl.

There are just so many things I still need to fulfil, so many things I need to do for the people I love, so many things I need to improve and so many things I need to ponder in life.
And putting those aside, I don't want to forget to stop and look at all the great things in life, appreciate, and be thankful for all the good things that has been happening among the bad.

Thank you for sticking by.

Thank you for being a part of my 2015.

Happy 2016, everyone! ^_^ 

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  1. Really like ur blogs ❤it really gives me a lot of postive vibes..enjoy reading ur blogs and watching ur youtube vids❤ all the best peishi:)❤

  2. I really like ur blogs it really gives me a lot of postive vibes❤really like reading ur blogs and watching ur vids❤ looking foward for more blogs..and i hope u can do a make up collection maybe? :)) anyways all the best :) will support u always xoxo ❤

  3. Idk why but like I feel really happy reading this. I'm very happy for you because you get to prove your haters wrong, you stayed strong and true to yourself. Hopefully 2016 will be wayyy better even though your 2015 was already awesome hahahah and hopefully you get less lazier to update this space xD I wish you happiness and prosperity always! Happy new year! (tho it's like 5th jan lol) :) and I will always support you! Team speiship weeheww!

  4. Hello dear, may I know what camera are you using? :)