Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea

Hello I'm back!!!

I've actually prepared the pictures for this posting a while back but didn't get the chance to write it in a post haha.

Anyway, I have updated my YouTube Channel with my latest video, Take me to Tokyo (Part 1 - Eating Fish Sperm?!) which I've mentioned in my previous post so remember to check it out hehe.

On the second and third day of Tokyo, we decided to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea!!!

Since it's the Christmas season, everything was decorated for xmas~
I LOVE CHRISTMAS everything feels so festive and everyone's so happy. :)

Here's me and Marie the Cat who ignored me..... #ThoughtWeWereFriends #WhatHappened

Parade going on at Disneyland.

Something super horrific happened which ruined my mood at Disneyland.
I was snapping videos and pictures at this parade and there was this super uncivilised Japanese woman beside me who wasn't happy with me snapping pictures and probably accidentally blocked part of her view to snapping pictures using her massive DSLR (p.s. I was just using a tiny compact cam so I shouldn't be blocking much of her view.)

It's super crowded around the parade and it's only normal if someone accidentally blocked your view.
Instead of asking me to move nicely, she shoved my camera using her hand THRICE when I attempted to move back to my position 'cause I was so shocked by how rude she was.
She glared at me and shoved my camera downwards. WTF I was pissed off I almost punched her in the face.

That aside, Disneyland was gorgeous, and definitely huge as compared to HK Disneyland that I've been to years ago!
Disneyland is such a happy place to be at~~

One thing I was upset with was that Disneyland didn't have much thrill rides (there were some in HK Disneyland) which is not exactly a thing for theme park thrill-seekers like me hahahaha and time was passing rather slowly since there wasn't much interesting rides to take.

BUT Tokyo Disneysea has tons of interesting rides (although still not as thrilling as I thought)!

We visited Tokyo Disneysea the next day~~~
It was AMAZING and we didn't have enough time to explore the entire place 'cause it was huge... and we tried to take almost all the rides hahaha.

There was also SO MANY DUFFY BEARS!!!!!!

We had our lunch at this restaurant which by luck we got to watch a show with Duffy Bear!!!

It's just sooooo adorable omg. T _ T

The place itself was also so gorgeous and picture perfect hahahaha. Just in case you're going there some time soon, visit Tokyo Disneysea if you really really really only have to choose one place to visit among the two!!!

With my family ^_^

That's all for this post!

Thank you so much for reading, as always! &heart;

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  1. Hahahahah Disneyland really looks like your sort of place, you look so happy!

  2. Great post! I have only been to HK Disneyland, but maybe I'll get to visit Tokyo Disneyland some day! :)

  3. Did you bleach your hair to get this color? Thanks!