Sponsored post - Juicy Couture Holiday Collection (Look One)

I was flabbergasted to see the new Juicy Couture Holiday Collection!

Oh right, let me introduce Juicy Couture to you, just in case you haven't heard of them (which I highly doubt, I LOVE Juicy Couture!). 

Juicy Couture is a affordable luxury lifestyle brand from Los Angeles, and they deliver an element of surprise in all of its design, which I can definitely tell from how each of their outfits are so stunning on a different level. 
They offer a category of women, girls and babies' apparel, bags, shoes, intimates, swimwear, fragrances, accessories and jewelry!

My outfit from Juicy Couture for an outing with my girls! 

Jacket - Coated Boucle Embellished Moto Jacket
Dress - Ornate Geo Jacquard Dress
Bag - Continental Couture Crossbody
Shoes - My own! 

I absolutely LOVE the outfit, the dress brings out the whole feminine vibe, while the jacket tone the entire outfit to a more modern chic feel.

The dazzling embellishments on the jacket make it so glamorous, along with the lavish prints on the dress! 

To match up with the modern yet glamorous outfit, I have with me this bag which looks like a cute little box! 

Simple, go along with almost every outfit, and I really adore the cute fringe zips! 
The size is also perfect for my petite frame, and fits everything I need for a girls day out~

Absolutely love how the entire outfit goes together, and it's picture perfect, especially when I need to snap tons of pictures when I'm with my girls~ ;) 

How do you like my outfit of the day??

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Thanks for reading~

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  1. Ni hen ke ai! :) hope some day i get to know you on a personal level and spend time w you