How to get See-through bangs + FAQ!

Finally, a video to clear all the doubts of my see-through bangs!

Many of you have been asking how I managed to get see-through bangs.
Although it's almost 99% of the work from my hair salon, here's a video on how I got them, and how I manage it on a daily basis~

I got my hair roller from Etude House in Seoul, I think it's also available in Singapore, but I'm not sure about the size of the roller I'm using. Probably medium!
I use quite a lot of sizes so it doesn't really matter. I think the bigger ones are better to create a nicer curve.
I got another velcro roller from Daiso, you can find them there as well! :)

Any more questions, leave a comment or tweet me @speishi~ ^_^
I will try my best to reply!

Thanks for watching/reading~ ♥

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  1. Hi peishi ! May i know where have you bought the thing that help you secure the velcro to your hair? or does it come together when you purchase the velcro ? thanks :)