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Hello there~~

Today, I have something special to share with all of you, and I'm so sure you will LOVE this!!!!!

Just the other day, I went down to an interesting place along with Hayley and Jayley.
It's located conveniently at Bugis Village, that whole shopping area youngsters LOVE to go.

It's a place called...


iSnap is the first photography company in Singapore that offers professionally-equipped personal studio rooms for taking personal or "SELFIES"!

What's great about them is that, they provide professional DSLR cameras + studio lighting in the studio with several themed backgrounds for you to choose from.
So no more grainy selfie shots on Instagram, YAY.

They have 6 individual studio rooms (guaranteed privacy, really enclosed so we managed to do the weirdest pose without feeling awkward HAHAHA)!
There are a total of 24 themes to choose from, be it the Japanese Blossom... Frozen background if you're going with kids...!!!

There are screens like this in each of the studio so you can see yourself, almost like a flipped-screen camera but a HUGE one, and you get to snap full body shots of yourself with the help of the remote. :D

One of their studios called LEO!
Anyway, their website has preview of the themes in each room so you can choose one of your favourite rooms with your favourite theme!

My favourite studio out of the 6 called Aries!!!
It's their largest room with the grass patch + swing installed!!! ^_^

To up the whole "selfie" level, they have MORE THAN 500 COSTUMES AND PROPS to play along with!!!
It's totally somewhere I will go with a huge group of friends and snap snap snap away!!!

OH OH, there is NO LIMIT to the number of photos taken (woohoo!), you get to keep all soft copies and take home 5 printed photos~
Just in case you're worried... privacy and confidentiality of customers are protected so your photos won't be leaked or anything.

I really loved how the entire place is so cosy and comfortable, making me feel like I'm snapping photos at home, yet with the coolest backdrop!

On top of that, the staff there are really helpful so if you have any enquiries, you can approach them easily!
They helped us with changing the backdrop, as well as suggesting which costumes match the backdrop we were snapping for!

Just to show you how comfortable we were at iSnap....

From Studio Aries!!!

From Aquarius HAHAHA we actually snapped a whole mini-story, and this is us at the end of the "play"... xD

For Hello Kitty fans.... in Capricorn!!!
Jayley with the purple wig HAHAHAHAHA.

For Frozen fans.... in Virgo!!!

The Japanese lady with the Samurai husband and a random Korean lady LOLLOL.
This is in studio Pisces!!!

And last but not least, one of my FAVOURITES in crazy animal onesies...
Studio Leo!!!

Had such an amazing time there snapping the craziest photos with the funniest outfits, you should head down with your group of friends too! (The more people, the cheaper it is~)

It's really an alternative compared to a usual day-out, I don't think there are any other places with this concept! :D

Customers can book a minimum of 1-hour (we spent more than 2 hours there that day haha), and they offer their place for private and corporate events as well, will be a perfect location for a birthday party!

iSnap is located at Bugis Village (right above Bee Cheng Hiang)!!!


For more info, visit their website~

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