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Do you have days you get SO STRESSED due to your hair problems?

If yes, I can totally understand!
On some bad hair days, I get so stressed out that I will grab all my hair and scream at them, hoping that they will listen to me for once (LOL).

I'm always on the search for something that will help on bad hair days...
And I'm so happy I've finally found (not just one) but TWO solutions!!!

Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk!

Two awesome products that will help reduce our stress caused by horrible hair problems!

Before I start raving about these products...
Let me introduce to you, 5 of my worst enemies...


First of all evil hair stress brothers, BLOW-DRYING STRESS.

Blow-drying may look like it does not cause much damage to our hair, but we are so wrong!

Blow-drying actually removes moisture from our hair, both inside and out, leaving our hair brittle and  dry, and more prone to further damage!!! T _ T


Again, another thing that may seem to not cause much damage...

Combing through wet hair causes GREAT DAMAGE to our hair, as the hair follicle is at the weakest state!!!
Likewise, the friction from combing through dry hair can also form hair knots which make hair prone to unnecessary breakage.


The ends of our hair are the oldest and driest parts.
When the protective hair cuticle is destroyed at the end of our hair, that's when our hair splits into two or more parts.

Next, we have HAIR BREAKAGE.

Many daily actions that we do to our hair may cause unnecessary damages.
Like twirling our hair with our fingers, or tying a tight ponytail..

As we exert excessive stress on our hair, it will thus be prone to breakage. :(

Last but definitely not least, we have DRYNESS.

To me, this is one of the worst! Our hair feels rough when it's dry and it is usually caused by exposure to the sun, wind or air-conditioning.
These causes damage to our hair cuticles. Once our hair cuticles are damaged, they will not be able to protect and retain the moisture in our hair. :(


Non-greasy and invisibly light, Essential CC oil coats our hair with a cuticle coat protection to help fight the 5 evil brothers of hair stress!!!

I've tried it and I LOVE how there's completely no greasiness on my hair after using, and keeps my hair soft, smooth and manageable!
I can comb my hair through with my fingers~~~

You can use Essential CC oil on your damp or towel-dried hair and you do not have to rinse off! :)

Of course, Essential has something to pamper our hair, even when we're fast asleep at night!


Essential Night Care Milk intensively repairs and moisturises our hair when we're asleep at night!

With its Cuticle Coat Protection ingredients, it helps to protect our hair from pillow friction at night~

What is Pillow Friction? 

When we toss and turn at night, there's friction between our hair and the pillow!
This causes our hair cuticles to misalign.
Misaligned cuticles creates FRIZZ (what we ALL hate the most), thus, we wake up to THE FABULOUS LION'S MANE the next morning.

Usually, due to the fabulous lion's mane, we have to get up earlier to tidy our hair. T _ T
Washing... Blow-drying... Hair straightening and all that!!!

With Essential Night Care Milk, it reduces Pillow Friction, and TAADAA, TIME SAVED = MORE BEAUTY SLEEP, and wake up to beautiful soft, tidy hair!!!

#IWokeUpLikeThis ;)

I've tried Essential Night Care Milk and I'm VERY IMPRESSED!
It works as what it claims, and all I have to do every morning is to brush my hair and I'm off to go!

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It's a simple left-right control game~
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Thanks for reading~

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  1. Thanks for this awesome post *O* I think that even thought we spend a lot of money on our skin and body, we often neglect our hair!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart