My journey to a beautiful smile with TLC Dental Centre (Part 2)

Slightly more than a year back, I've blogged about my start of the journey with TLC Dental Centre and Invisalign.

The changes I had to do was not HUGE to the extent that I will say it's "life-changing", but what I realised after I've completed my Invisalign is that...
I'm more comfortable with laughing, smiling, and even talking.

Before I started Invisalign, I've always seen correcting my 'slightly crooked teeth' as less than a necessity, like, I can live with it, just try not to smile with my mouth open too much.... try not to speak with my mouth too open...
Of course, despite all these limitations I've given myself, my crooked teeth STILL shows.
One day, I decided the restriction was unnecessary as long as I have straightened teeth, plus Invisalign is a whole lot easier procedure as compared to traditional metal braces.

So here's how my teeth looks before the procedure. (Or you can refer to my first post regarding this journey!)

 It looks fine when I smile like how I do normally without my mouth open, but once my lower row shows.... T _ T

It doesn't seem like a huge problem to me at first 'cause I thought it doesn't show much but man was I wrong LOL.
It starts to affect me quite a bit after seeing videos of myself speaking and laughing... (You can read the first post for more to why I started doing Invisalign)

Anyway, so I started Invisalign with TLC Dental Centre and it really has been one of the best choices I've made in life HAHA.

I found out that not only my lower row of teeth was crooked, my upper row as well!
The front two teeth were slightly crooked and protruded out, which Invisalign and TLC Dental Centre can help to correct.

My Orthodontist is Dr Enrica Sham and she has been more than helpful throughout my journey with Invisalign~

Like what I've mentioned in my first post, seeking an Orthodontist is the best choice if you want to do Invisalign because Orthodontists have the knowledge of the full range of orthodontic appliance available. 

You may only see your crooked front teeth, but the orthodontists will be able to see the cause of crooked teeth and use their expertise to plan the solution to give you a healthy, attractive smile.
Most of you are concerned regarding the price when it comes to seeking a specialist, but not to worry, the price is THE SAME for most clinics out there with normal dentists instead of a specialist!

TLC Dental Centre charges Invisalign starting SGD$5000, and metal braces starting $3900, all prices excluding GST. 

So here are some BEFORE & AFTER pictures!!!

Lower Row.

Top Row.
You can tell that the protruded front teeth got pushed back!

Another issue that most of you are concerned is whether Invisalign is REALLY a better choice.
Hands down, it's really the BEST choice out there, especially if your issues aren't that big and just need some correction.

FAQ time! 

Does it hurt? 
My pain tolerance level is extremely low but the pain from Invisalign is really tolerable.
The only pain you get is when you change into a new pair of aligners. That's when your teeth is being corrected more so the aligners get tighter and hence, causing soreness.
It usually last me for the first few hours, the soreness is really tolerable so it wasn't of any problem to me.

Is it inconvenient?
The first few pair, I was not very used to wearing them yet so the aligner feels very awkward in my mouth haha. After a while, it became a part of my life now that it feels weird that I'm not wearing one LOL.
It does seem to be more of a hassle (compared to when you didn't have to wear one) since you have to take it out before you eat, and put back after you're done (aligners need to be on 22 hours+-) That means I have to brush and clean my teeth again before putting it back.
BUT my oral hygiene is a whole lot better now so I guess I'm thankful Invisalign put this great habit into me HAHAHA.
Convenience wise, when it comes to straightening your teeth, Invisalign is hands down the better choice as compared to metal braces.

Is it obvious that you're wearing Invisalign? Does it show?
If you're concerned about this issue, Invisalign is actually the best choice!
It doesn't show unless someone come up to me up close and stare at my teeth.
When I first wore them, I find it a bit tough for me to speak like there are some words I cannot pronounce right 'cause it's blocking haha.
But it gets better after a while since you will get used to it!

I'm so happy I can smile and talk without any restrictions now!!!

Screenshot from one of my videos!
Look at my lower row of teeth haha.

You can visit TLC Dental Centre located at Park Mall (right opposite Plaza Sing).

If you have more enquiries, feel free to call their clinic!~

TLC Dental Centre
Singapore 238459
Weekday – 9am to 7pm
Saturday – 9am to 4.30pm
Sunday & Public Holiday – Closed

9 Penang Road #07-27
Phone: (65) 6338 6639


Thanks for reading~

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