My Lion Heart







Here's me with Disgust, Sadness, Joy, Fear and Anger!!!
The friends inside of me. :D

Thank you Disney for the plushies and tickets to the premiere of Inside Out~ I enjoyed it very very much!
I brought my mom to the show and she laughed at me 'cause I cried watching a cartoon. #NeverTooOldForDisney

You can see Sadness's head at the side hehe.

Anyway, it's in the middle of the night now and I decided to do some quick update here and share with you some things so we can still keep our bond there and be BEST BUDDIES EVERRRRR.

Sometimes, I stare at the wall and think so much that I start to get afraid, upset or worried of things that are either long gone, or will never resurface again.
My thoughts can run very wildly and sometimes even make me recall sad (and dumb) things that have happened in the past, when I was really young.

A very mild example of what I recall a while ago.
It didn't really make me feel afraid, upset or worried HAHA but I was quite amused that I actually STILL remember and will sometimes recall this incident after this long. 

Back when I was in Primary One (or two), I picked up this capsule ball thing in my classroom's shelf, I think someone just left it there and didn't want it anymore.

I opened it and there was this cute tiny lion figurine. From then on, it became my buddy in school, I will always play with it, look at it and smile at it. (I tend to get VERY emotionally attached to such things, like toys, plushies...just so you know I have my bff now called BOBO LOL probably 'cause I don't have many friends since young).

Anyway, one day, my teacher was scolding some kid in class so I just minded my own business and played around with my lion and ALL OF A SUDDEN THIS DUMB ASS CLASS MONITOR gestured me to hand over the lion.
Naive me handed it over to her thinking that she wanted to take a look and play with my lion so I decided to share it with her AND GUESS WHAT.



So from then on, my lion got confiscated and I cried so much the whole day I can't even imagine how much tears I've lost (probably the reason why my eyes are small now so fk you class monitor I still remember who you are) LOL.

Just a funny (not so funny) and sad memory which I've kept till now and will always recall now and then.
How traumatic although it seems like something very mild, can you imagine someone burn your chouchou right now? 

So teachers, please, NEVER, confiscate a little kid's treasure.
By treasure, it can be the dumbest thing you ever know. Like a pencil. Or a book. Or a tiny little lion toy.

Ok bye I'm done. :D

Here's a picture of Peishi who is living fine without her little lion (but still fk you class monitor and teacher, bet you didn't know I'll remember everything TILL TODAY, 13 years later.)



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  1. Hahahahahahahahahah omg that's the cutest story ever! There there atleast you have real friends now who would be there for ya! Plus us your dear fanbase :)

  2. Stay happy Peishi šŸ’– ķ™”ģ“ķž ė™ģƒģ•„!

  3. Did you get the lion toy back? I'm a teacher and I do confiscate items from students. I only do it after giving them a warning to put their item away or into their bag. If they ignore me after I have warned them, I do take it away from them. I give it back at the end of the day or lesson. I do it because whatever they have is either distracting them from learning or something not appropriate for school.

    1. Nope, I think she dumped it! I asked for it back and she said it's not with her. The last thing a teacher should do is to dump anything she confiscated. #Rude

  4. Great read! :) And I also overthink sometimes, sometimes it's sad and unhappy when overthink too much until remember some good old times w cliques/good friends but no longer there for you, but I guess the upside of us overthinkers/dreamers is that we tend to be more creative? :) And at least maybe because we are aware of what makes us unhappy that we spend more time trying to do things that make us happy that makes us a little different from the typical 'don't care about dreams' people.

    Anyway would love to be your friend some day ya! I abit different from you, I got quite many friends last time (those very normal normal play lanshop de kids last time, and movie clique from part-time jobs.. very typical life), plus can easily know strangers but good close friends now.. maybe zero..sigh, loner felix. . :(

    Buy you some cute soft toys or even custom make cute ones to place on your bed next time! ^^,