What's going on

Not sure what's getting to me recently but I'm just so tired.

So tired of smiling and laughing to things.  Literally.

It's not that I'm unhappy.

When I feel happy with something, I just don't feel the need to smile. I just don't want to.
When people joke around me, I just don't feel like laughing.
When people tease me, I can't react like how I used to.
I feel offended, I get mad, but I don't feel like scolding anyone.

I'm so tired I feel like the energy in me is draining.

I need to talk to someone, but I'm so tired of talking.

I just don't want to do anything, I don't want to meet people, I don't want to react to things.

But I don't want to be alone. 

What am I supposed to do.

I feel dead, inside.

Hope I'll be back soon.


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  1. I feel like that sometimes because its just feeling lifeless and all becuz of some stress. take it easy. if u had any problem u can talk to so many fans and release ur stress or anything that you have. if u are sick. no vid for us and we shall be bored to death. haha

  2. u may not be reading the comment I sent and reply but still I hope u will be back to normal ^^- the person who sent that long msg of consolation(I guess)

  3. Nothing wrong. Just be yourself.Need more me time! 🌹

  4. Because you feel that no one understand how you feel or understand you, especially your close friends who are surrounding you. You feel sian/frustrated/dilemma , you dun wan hang out with anyone cuz you do not want to feel that unhappiness of not being understood. you will get mad and want to scold your friends but you dont want to lose them so you hold it in. so you decide to just not go out, reject invitation. A no win situation. you are running away. best solution is to voice out.

  5. Well, there are moments in life when one feels the way you did ...just chill. Perhaps, just reflect on oneself & ask yourself what you really need

  6. Pei Shi, maybe u r too stressed with school? I have these kinds of feelings before......but after awhile, I feel okay and back to who I usually am :) I'll always support u ;)

  7. Hi may I know what contact lens you're using in your korea vid

  8. Hey Pei Shi! Hope u're alright there =) cheers

  9. U r feeling empty inside. Despite having a lot of attention from people, u feel lonely n empty. U have been living for others approval. There is Someone who loves u n accepts u for who u are, not how u look or what u do. His name is Jesus. Praying u will find the true love n peace that comes from knowing God.

  10. Hey peishi, u won't believe it but I was led to your blog today first time.
    Just want to say that there is Someone who loves u n accepts u for who u are, not how u look or what u do. His name is Jesus. Praying u will find the true love n peace that comes from knowing God. He can fill your emptiness inside with true meaning n life. God bless

  11. Looking at SG bloggers, you're the only one who hasn't changed her hairstyle after years... Everytime you post a new photo at the salon, it's like... what, what's different about ur hair? O.O LOL. And with all these so-called sponsorships that you claimed to get, didn't any beauticians offer to remove your moles on your neck...?

  12. U need a boyfriend

  13. I know how u feel man ...