Petite France

Hello there I'm back with more pictures from Seoul HAHA.

I've uploaded Part 3 of Take me to Korea!

I spent the first week of my trip staying around Hongdae before I moved to Gangnam!

Funny thing is I kept going back to Hongdae area even after I moved to Gangnam. xD
Maybe 'cause I'm young LOL I prefer Hongdae!
Also because my parents are staying in Hongdae so to meet them, we had to travel all the way back haha.

Here's my final picture in Hongdae!!!

A market near our place~

With my momma and poppaaaaa.

On the taxi to Gangnam.

Horrible ride - Half the time the cab driver was cursing in Korean LOL and scolding everything he sees.
Also, he couldn't find our guesthouse so he was MAD.
And also got into an accident with a BUS.


We reached Big John's Place safely in the end!!! :D

Anyway, when I first reached Big John's, I was really surprised!
It felt really homely haha and Kkum + Kong (their dogs) greeted us HAHA.

Big John and Jay were both really friendly and immediately came out to help us with our heavy luggages!!!

(Another thing I was super surprised with is that they both managed to carry my 17kg luggage with one hand....easily.) How much have I struggled..........

So we checked in to our room and headed out to take a look around Gangnam!

And bought melons + strawberries from a wet market nearby~

The next day~ 

Funtastic Korea provided a tour for my family and my travel buddy!

I've chosen the tour which brings us to Nami Island!
The tour brought us to Petite France, Nami Island, and Gangchon Rail Bike!

We have a private limousine van which is SUPER SPACIOUS and comfortable!!! I'm very impressed with the ride~

First stop was Petite France!

It's featured in MANY of my FAVOURITE DRAMAS haha like Secret Garden and You Who Came From The Stars!

Gorgeous place.

Cinderella Soh.

That's all for this post!!!!! :D

I'll update the rest in another post~

Should I do a picture blog instead?

Thanks for reading!


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  2. Hihi peishi, love your korea vlog! may i know what software you use to edit your video? thanks! :)