Happy Chinese New Year 2015!


Happy Chinese New Year to all of you celebrating this festive season~~ :)

I'm back to blogging - although I can't promise to post more often because I'm very lazy HAHA

I told myself to update more but I'm really just way too lazy to start doing anything I told myself to do.

Anyway, my internship ended!!!!

I AM SO HAPPY I want to pop some champagne but I'm way too lazy to pop one right now. I'm postponing everything I wanted to do just to laze around HAHAHA. Should've planned a 'lazing around' period beforehand, at least I won't feel this useless.

I wanted to blog about my internship experience as well but I JUST FINISHED A 2000 WORD REPORT regarding my internship so...........

Okay here goes my brief CNY post with some pictures I took when I was in Malaysia.

If it's your first time reading my CNY post, I will always head to JB for CNY 'cause my relatives are mostly residing there. :)

Mandatory self shot to kick start this new year lol.

Selca with my family to prove that MY ARMS ARE LONG ENOUGH.


Grandma's dog looking very pleased (or not).

I didn't have the time to go shopping for clothes this CNY so I had to dig my wardrobe for 'new' clothes I haven't get to wear HAHAHA

JQ bought me this red bag with my BIG NAME on! Haven't got to take this out so I got to flaunt it during CNY~ Gomawo unnie! :)

My dress from ShopSassyDream. I'm so lucky they sponsored me a few apparel!!! T _ T Thank you thank you.

Shoes from Nike HAHA it's NEWWWWWW.

Somewhere near the temple we go to every year~ ^_^

Really pretty for photos 'cause they all look very vintage haha.

Lunch that day was at Manhattan and omg it was meh.

NEXT DAY we went to visit my other grandma and headed to JPO for shopping.

Outfit of the day also from ShopSassyDream. :D

We headed to AEON for dinner. Craving for Japanese food so YAY we had Japanese food keke.

Been a while since I ate my Salmon Mentaiyaki OMG it's sooooo affordable there. Usually I get it for $16 in Singapore but IT WAS ONLY $5 THERE I THINK.


Didn't take any photos on the third day 'cause we were rushing around but I went to KSL for shopping. ^_^ It's my first time there and it was super crowded but it seems like a really nice place for shopping!

How was your CNY? :)

Thanks for reading loves!

I'll be back.


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  1. I'm glad that you enjoyed Chinese New Year. I like your personalised bag and I thought it went well with your outfit. I also like the second outfit that you wore because it's pretty funky. As for my new year, I went to a local temple where they were having a celebration. There were food stalls, lion dance, kung fu demonstration and baby blessing ceremony.