I need a chill pill

Hello everyone!!! :D

This space is probably as dead as a log but I'm not gonna disappoint the people who are still sticking around so.... here's a new post again!

Yesterday, I went down to IDS clinic to get something AH-MAZE-BALLS. I think it's definitely gonna be the next BIG thing among supplements because...

It's damn good omg. Chester explained how these pills work and apparently, the pill caters to ALL of us, Vegetarians, Muslims, Jewish... It's halal and kosher certified!

Anyway, these pills will help to whiten our skin and act as an oral sunscreen! That means extra protection from the sun!!!!

You still have to apply sunscreen lotion everyday even if you eat this but it's an extra protection from UV rays, that means lesser exposure to UV rays.... LESSER skin problems like uneven skin tone, darkening of skin, dryness, breakouts and more.

So excited to give it a try already!!! Can't wait to see the result. I'm crazily addicted to making myself fair and white LOL 'cause I can NEVER work the sexy tan look.

If you're interested in the LYCO-WHITE pills, do contact IDS Clinic! :)

After that, I headed over to CLEO Hair & Make once again to get my hair done. I wanted to touch up my hair roots last week, but Takuya wasn't around~

Check out my black hair roots hahaha.

And my ugly bed head because I'm too busy to take care of it. D:
Super dry and frizzy 'cause I always sleep right after I wash my hair + blow dry it half way lol.

I bought seafood aglio olio over to CLEO 'cause I didn't have my lunch and it was SO BAD like it's tasteless?! Super mad but I still finished the entire packet since I was starving.

Then I got hungry again and told Samantha, so she bought Mentaiko Onigiri for me!!! :')

*ques dramatic music*

And Takuya bought Mochi for me as my birthday present~ ^_^ Arigato haha!

Here's me being a princess.

Thank you Takuya, for always making me so pretty!!! :D

The difference before and after is cray.
Your hair can change up your entire look so much, it's crazy.

I look a lot more awake after doing my hair?!

:D :D :D I LOVE IT. I love smooth silky hair I can touch it all day and flip my hair every two seconds.


After that, I went home to take some more pictures after putting on some eye makeup. (I was trying out the Naked 3 palette Rachell got for me for my birthday!)

Oh oh oh, I went to plaza sing to shop around before going home and there was this korea fair going on 'cause the cast of Empress Ki will be making an appearance there.
I bought some stuff home and I'm so happy HAHAHA.

I bought Makgolli (rice wine) and some cup noodles I always eat.

And I found this Yopokki thing which is instant ddeokbokki (spicy rice cake)!!!
I saw this in Korea but didn't get to try it and I couldn't find it anywhere in Singapore! So happy I found it at the fair~

Also bought this Strawberry Black Tea sachets because they LOOK WAY TOO CUTE.

I got the First Love set because of the flavour. There are some other sets like "Happy day" or "Gangnam man" hahaha.

Comes in Sachets like this~

And there are heart shaped sugar in the tea sachets!!!!!! SO CUTE OMG.

They are like having a water bath together hahaha the guy so shy, gwiyopda.

Ending off with the mochi Takuya got me~

I just ate the Mango and Matcha one. *_* Slurps.

Will update more soon. Stay tuned bahahahaha.

Love ya bye, thanks for reading!


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  1. I didn't know that you could get whitening supplements. Do tell us how they go. Your hair looks really good and I agree that the tea is super cute. I hope it was delicious as well.

  2. OMG the tea bag is so adorableeeee <3 they even added heart shape sugar inside XDD
    Peishi why you are so cute? OMG, you look like a Korean ^^


  3. Hi, may i know how much does the supplement cost? & do we have to go through a consultation to purchase it?