Are you ready?


Just started my internship so I have lesser time for my social life.

You know how it goes...

Work + Fun = No Sleep
Sleep + Work = No Fun
Fun + Sleep... only applies if you have no work HAHA.

Oh well.

Anyway, it's my off day these two days so I was supposed to hang out with Rachell.
Both of us wanted to get our hair done at CLEO Hair & Make, BUT it turns out to be an impromptu Lapsupswag meet up.

Love impromptu meet-ups hahaha. Been a while since we last met already. Miss them a lot la. :(

That's me trying to dig something out of my bag because I have no idea why it's so damn small today.
Usually it fits everything I bring out?!?!

My silky hair after treatment at CLEO!!! Wanted to touch up my black hair roots but Takuya isn't around so I'll make do with treatment~~~~ ^_^

MY OOTD from shopsassydream again!

Love their clothes 'cause they always fit me so well~

After that~ We decided to eat Haidilao!!! I wanted to have korean BBQ but all of us just did our hair so we didn't want to smell baaad. :(
So HaiDiLao that is~

Randomly caught four of us in one shot hahaha.

We called for Tomato soup and Ma la!
The Ma La is really damn good. Drink the soup without the oil, omg it's DAMN yummy.

A lot of you told me the tomato soup is amazing but honestly I prefer the herbal chicken soup. :( It's so much better! Maybe I'm more to savoury than sweet. Really didn't like the tomato soup that much~


Eat until we all almost exploded LOL.

This is our first picture using the self-timer hahaha both JQ and I looked fine but JY and Rach got cropped out hahahahaha.

This is our favourite picture hahahaha.

Had Yuzu ice cream after dinner 'cause my metabolism is damn high la everything digested super fast and I got hungry again. :/

Alright thanks for reading~~~~

Till next time, see ya! ^_^

Thanks for sticking by, thanks for staying, thanks for everything.


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  1. Pei shi! Can I know what colour did you dye your hair to? Looks so nice!! And thinking to dye colour like this too! ^_^ thank you!!