On a beautiful day like today.


I'm currently sitting around Coffee Bean with a BOB beside me LOL.
Happily trying to make myself look like some cool people using my new laptop at a cafe but the feel is completely gone after the smell hits me.
Fortunately, the smell isn't THAT bad so I guess I can just... act like I'm not smelling it although I am.

This is me and my cup of Moroccan Mint Tea Latter against the world today.

I'm very lonely currently 'cause my house is a mess and it's extremely noisy due to the construction so I'm trying to have a little peace (omg the smell just hit me again) at a cafe.

Starbucks is way too full, wanted to head to Paris Baguette but I've never once seen that place with ONE empty seat for the tiny me.

The tea latte tastes pretty good though. Tastes kind of like a minty chocolate drink, can't really taste the tea.

So anyway, I was browsing through my computer the other day and saw a few (or actually about 500+) pictures of myself for several ads or posts I've done on my blog.
I never really thought my hairstyle or hair colour actually changed much 'cause I've been revolving around brown since my school don't allow fancy hair.

I think I kind of went through every shade of brown from reddish to yellowish to ash 'cause I tried to be 'experimental' despite being so restricted HAHAHA. Explains my horrible split ends and why I chopped about 4/5 inch of hair away. SOBBING.

That was when I had darker brown hair.
Oh oh oh, every time I dye a different hair colour, it kind of still looks the same in pictures 'cause of the filters. So...why dye your hair when you have filters right?! HAHAHA.

I think this was when I had honey beige on my hair. I remember I had those blonde highlights 'cause I was desperate to have my hair brighter but I couldn't.

Then my hair got brighter and brighter after every treatment done, I almost turn blonde?? HAHAHA.
I loved them so much but I got quite bored of the yellowish tone on my hair so I decided to go PURPLE.
By purple I mean purplish brown.

After that I kind of decided that...I should go slightly darker. So... I went for some ash tone but it turned out almost black haha. You can still see the purplish tone in these pics though!


I realised it's quite a big change but I never really noticed haha.

Yeah, to conclude, I just wanted to post some old pictures of myself so I blabbered some nonsense to make it seem like my post is very interesting and full of words and stories and stuff like that and now it's too late for you to realise you've just read a whole bunch of nonsense making no sense.

I'm quite sleepy now omg. And the BOB beside me just sat closer to me, had a shock of my life and kicked my table by accident. I think now she knows I'm trying to stay away from her. I feel a little bit bad but please blame my sensitive nose.

Hope y'all had a great Monday!!! I went for a field trip today with my school, it ended around 11 and went to eat Yoogane with my team mates. :D
I have my Korean class tonight, hope I don't fall asleep.

Thanks for reading! xx

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  1. Hi Peishi ♥ May I ask if where's your Korean class and how much does it cost? Please reply! Xoxo