Pleasure seeking.

I met up with Rachell today 'cause we decided to attend this private cosmetics sale by Mandom. :D

We got to get a lot of cosmetics and daily necessities at a very good deal! Super happy 'cause I bought quite a lot of fake eyelashes, although I don't use them often, but still super happy and excited to use them!

Anyway, the sale was at Great World City so Rachell and I had our lunch at this random-cool-looking-ramen shop.

Don't remember the shop's name. Something like Ramen Champion?

It wasn't up to my expectations haha.

My Ramen.

HAHAHA it's damn funny 'cause Rachell and I both called something very similar. I think we got some "Special Ramen". Rachell got the Chashu Tonkutsu Special Ramen but I got the Miso Tonkutsu one.
We got so confused but were so confident this ramen was mine when it was served to me LOL.

I took so many pictures and even tried the soup until we realized...

This was mine. HAHAHAHA.

So yeah the noodle's back to the owner with a little bit of my saliva LOL.

Anyway, I'm trying to grow out my fringe because I've been having front fringe/bangs for 19 years now.

It's now at the awkward length, not sure where to go.
Everyday's a bad hair day until it grows long enough to be styled other ways! :(

My eyes look extra big in this picture, I think the horrible quality of this picture plays a part into making my eyes that huge HAHAHAHA.
Cannot stand the quality of my pictures 'cause the camera just don't seem to like bad lighting. Every picture turns out pixelated under bad lighting.

Dessert was horrible. I think they didn't cook the mochi well so I was literally eating FLOUR.

I went to CLEO Hair & Make to get my hair washed and treated with treatment!

My house has been undergoing renovation since a week back and it has been hell for me and my family. NO TOILETS AT HOME so we have to use this temporary cubicle installed at our kitchen (and obviously that means no kitchen for us to use as well).
We have to seal up our entire house so other than my room, nowhere else at home is decent enough to go.
I'm a clean freak so I really cannot get used to this. Oh my.

Have no idea why doing my hair got linked to the renovation at my place wtf but yeah, the topics are probably related to each other since it's a good excuse why I'm so lazy to wash my own hair.


Striped shirt with Takuya HAHAHAHA what coincidence. xD

Done with my hair~

After a good wash, my fringe is still confused, sigh.

I waited for Rachell to be done with her appointments so I sat around CLEO for 2 hours LOL. It's the second time of the month that I've waited for Rachell for two hours while lepaking at CLEO.

Luckily Samantha was at CLEO today so we can talk a lot of nonsense. She bought me drinks and food also omg hen gan dong, really. xD

Samantha also took ohohteedee for me!!!

Very nice omg the feel is there.

Aaaand the feel is gone HAHA.

Met up with Rachell again and we went to The Cathay for dinner at Nihon Mura.
They increased their price LOL from $1.50 per plate to $1.60. Ten cents make a huge difference if you were to eat a lot at Nihon Mura haha, not 'cause I cheapskate ok.

Phone cases from Covermybagel! Mine is the Mickey Mouse one. Rachell has Minnie Mouse!



So we went up to have ice cream waffles for dessert!

It's very yummy! Crazy generous amount of salted caramel sauce (and my obssession with Matcha ice cream lol)


It's not the best I've eaten but hey it's WAFFLES + ICE CREAM AHHHH.

Alright, that's all for this post! I have school tomorrow omg people. It's time to wake up. *snap snap* Back to reality. Back to work. Back to boring stuff. T _ T

Thanks for reading~ xx

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