Cafe hopping - Living Cafe and my love for unhealthy food

About a week back, I met up with my twin unnies at this cafe.
Heard it's full of healthy food so I prepared myself for the worst. HAHAHA. I mean, who likes healthy food?! It's true all of us have this impression that every healthy food tastes bad.
Every healthy thing don't taste good to me, other than fruits, and fruits have starch = sugar = kind of not THAT healthy in a way??

It's called the Living Cafe located at Bukit Timah.

Camwhored quite a bit while waiting. I think cafes are the best place for photos haha. Every photo turns out really pretty because of the lighting and background.

I just started my invisalign and I felt a bit uncomfortable smiling LOL so I look kindda weird in all my smiley pics.

Smiling like a frog.

Whut-everrrr. T _ T

Here's how the cafe looks. I thought they have seatings upstairs, was kind of excited to check it out LOL.

The menu!
The pricing are kind of at the expensive side, ranging about $10 to $20? If I don't remember wrongly.

I got myself a coconut and an orange raw cheesecake to try.

The coconut tastes like coconut.

And the cake is...fairly good for something organic and healthy haha. I will definitely choose to eat those normal ones but if you're a health-conscious and in need of cakes or desserts, I guess you can make a visit to this cafe.

Vegetable sushi which tastes like vegetables. xD


Raw chocolate cake. Doesn't taste like your typical chocolate since it's healthy hahaha but like I said, if you're a weight-watcher you might like it as a substitute.

Definitely not someone who goes for healthy food hahaha 能吃是福。
I will just eat my usual unhealthy food ba.

Dinner is at Nihon Mura. WHEN I SEE THE LIGHT because my love for unhealthy food is inevitable LOL.

One of my favourites! Topshell in kimuchi sauce. *_*


and more mentaiko!!!

That's all for now keke. BYE.

Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. ya I love to take gazillion photos at cafes too! to compensate the price of their food hahaha and you're really really prettyyyy ;w;

  2. Great review, thanks for sharing. Love the photos you took, so pretty. Makes me want to visit the place too. There is this map called CafeSG that lets you find all the local cafes in Singapore! Super useful for cafe hopping and to discover new cafes near home and workplace.

    Hope to see more reviews from you