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Few days back, I visited CLEO Hair & Make to have my hair colour changed!!! :D 

My hair colour faded to slight yellow again and my black hair roots are out. Also, my hair is SUPER frizzy so I really needed some goodness injected into my hair pft.

This is BEFORE. Really turning yellow and also super frizzy 'cause I'm too busy to take good care of my hair. (But then again why bother so much when my hair sponsor is always so good at treating my hair after that right....... HAHAHA) 

I wanted ash brown, like slightly lighter but it turned out a lot darker than I expect HAHA and I was seriously shocked when I saw it. 

'Cause it's almost black. Really damn shocked and I really disliked dark hair colour 'cause it makes me look a lot fiercer than how I already look.

So...honestly, I was a bit unsure if I really like such a dark hair colour on me but surprisingly, after a few days, I am actually starting to like it more!!! 

I can see a tinge of ash and chocolate brown in it. And also, it's a change to my usual style since I'm always going for lighter hair colour.


Anyway, I went to school and a lot of my friends said I look better in my current hair, not sure if being sarcastic hahaha but after a while I really think it looks nicer. 
Plus my hair is always frizzy and unhealthy-looking, now it's a lot healthier! 

Also cut my hair more layered so it looks more volumnized. :D 

It's actually really not bad la right? xD 

I look very tired in the pictures 'cause I slept while doing hair HAHA.

But yeah I'm loving the change as of now!!! ^_^ 

Visit CLEO Hair & Make at CLARKE QUAY THE CENTRAL, BLUE ZONE, near subway! :D 
Take the lift up to L4, you'll see them! 

Thanks for reading~ xx

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  1. It looks super pretty, you look so good in dark hair! :) Super pretty color too!