Lavender and red - CLEO Hair & Make

Headed over to CLEO Hair & Make few weeks back to dye another colour. Most importantly wanted something a tad bit darker since my school is reopening!

I decided to go for a more reddish tone compared to my usual yellow-toned hair!

It's supposed to be lavendar and red highlights at the bottom but the red didn't turn out really obvious in the end haha.
Good thing is the lavender turns out really nice!!! Not too purplish, with a bit of brownish tone to it.

Taadang, my purplish brown hair haha.

I really like it though! Since I'm not allowed to go for crazy colours due to school.

My stylist is Takuya, and CLEO Hair & Make is now located at CLARKE QUAY, THE CENTRAL!
Walk to the Blue zone, take this lift that is near subway, fourth floor! Once you get out of the lift, you'll see CLEO! Super convenient~

Thanks for reading! ♥

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