SNSD Girls & Peace Concert - Singapore

It's not my first time seeing SNSD but I'm still as excited because....I mean who wouldn't be excited to see 9 gorgeous girls on the stage HAHA.

I'm not a HUGE fan of SNSD but I do love their songs as much as everybody else so going to their concert and listening to songs that I listen at home via the computer screen, LIVE, is quite an amusing thing. xD

I haven't been to much concerts btw, I think this is my second or third time at a concert. 

Thank you Carlo Rino for the chance! Lucky me! 

I don't have to blog for this event but I have so many pictures I'll love to share haha.

At the premium lounge waiting for the concert to start! Definitely like a VIP. :D

At the concert theatre! I'm so amazed 'cause we're so near the stage. That kindda explains why I took so many pictures and videos (I honestly didn't know we're not allowed to until the securities caught me lol).

Anyway...Girls Generation...

Although I'm pretty disappointed 'cause they sang a lot of their Japanese songs that I don't know, it was still a concert well done! :D 

I get all hyped up when they are singing songs that I know haha. *dances*

Also got extremely hyped up when they come nearer to us HAHAHA. We waved furiously although we know they can't see it haha. 


Dancing queen!

And their outfit for Mr Taxi! 

Huhu I hate when they stand at the main stage (or whatever it's called) because it's so far away. :(

Their super cute cake car thingy!!! :D

I took so many pictures I had a hard time taking out the super nice ones to post on my blog.

SONEs are pretty damn amazing. It's so touching when all of them sang for encore. :O 

That's all! 
I've uploaded a video of Gee + Genie from the concert. Not sure if I'm allowed to but I've already taken the video and it's pretty nice and clear hahaha.

Enjoy! ^_^

Please be nice and credit me if you want to take any of my pictures. Thank you~


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