CLEO Hair and Make

In case you haven't already know, I have a new hair sponsor! ^_^

CLEO Hair and Make!
I've always wanted to work with them because of the many good reviews on CLEO's services.

CLEO Hair & Make has their main branch in Japan, Minami-aoyama. Just recently, they opened their branch in Singapore!

Just like all the pretty models on various Japanese magazines, I've always wanted to have gorgeous hair like them but in Singapore, it's quite tough to look for a salon that will give me the hairstyle of that same Japanese vibe.

Aaaanyway, here's me at CLEO Hair & Make!!

Tea and my favourite mochi in melon flavour woohoo!

I haven't done my hair for quite some time so it looks quite bad.

Before I do my hair...

Frizzy, black hair roots, hair colour faded to ugly gold, split ends... O_O Omg.

By the way, this is how CLEO Hair & Make looks like!

Spacious and classy, I love! Not too clustered together. ^_^

I dyed my hair in an ashy tone. I was expecting for a lighter shade but it turned out pretty dark which gave me a shock hahaha.

That's my stylist, Sasaki!!! He did a great job I think! :D
I had to attend an event at 5pm and I reached there late at about 2pm but he managed to complete my hair in less than 3 hours!!!
Cut + Treatment + Dye + Curl. I think he has magic hands haha. I haven't been to any salon with such quick yet precise service.

Check out my new bangs HAHA. It's longer now!



My hair is so soft and smooth now!!!
This is the fastest + most lasting hair treatment I've done. It has been about 4 days and my hair is still very smooth and manageable.
Japan... really has the most amazing things. O_O


I wanted to go back to brighten my hair a bit more but I think I'm kind of liking the dark colour on me now haha.

With Sasaki and Samantha, the girl who has been generously helping me with this sponsorship.

Super love my experience there, can't wait to go back again haha.

CLEO Hair & Make

They have limited slots each day so you'll have to call in to book for an appointment beforehand~
If you're wondering how you to go CLEO Hair & Make by MRT, just take the train and stop at 
Promenade. Exit at exit A and you'll see Millenia Walk, PARCO! Go up to 2nd floor and you'll see CLEO after walking in.

Thanks for reading, xx!

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  1. heyy what lipstick are you using here? btw you look younger with bangs!