Sponsored post: Salon Vim

Check out my new hair colour!

It's very dark compared to my previous colour but it definitely looks a lot healthier, especially after my favourite privy treatment from Salon Vim that I've been raving on and on about.

The special part of this hair colour is there is actually a slight gradient/ombre to it!
The top is very dark while it slowly gets lighter at the ends. :D

I also chopped off quite an amount of damaged hair!!!

If you're wondering how bad my hair looked...

This picture is slightly blurry but you can still see the horrible fly-aways, the frizz and how dry my hair is!
I really like bright coloured hair because it compliments my skin tone more but considering that my hair was at that condition....I think my stylist made a wise choice changing it to a darker shade.

My stylist's name is Steve! He's a really nice stylist!!!
You can call up for an appointment at Salon Vim soon and ask for Steve as your stylist~

Salon Vim @ Bugis 

235 Victoria Street

Singapore 188027

+65 6837 0073 / +65 6837 0045

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  1. Peishi ah, I think part of your arm is missing in the last photo xD

    Nice post regardless, though :)

  2. May I know what camera are you using? And are you using a ringlight? :) where did you bought it? And how did you edit your blogskin! Stay pretty!

  3. Hey babe, do you do product sponsorships? Or do you only do paid advertisements?