Back to the nature - Kuantan Trip

Finally got what I wanted - a 3D2N vacation (or not)! :D

I went to Kuantan about a week back and I really enjoyed the NATURE there because we don't get to see things like that in Singapore.
BUT I have to admit how tiring the entire trip was...and how unlucky I was.
Not sure why I was the only one who got kissed my mosquitoes so many times, even on my face, eyelid, lips... Damn it was painful.
Also fell quite a lot of times and have crazy aches all over my body. T _ T

Nevertheless, it's a trip that will definitely be etched in my mind.

First day, we got to wake up at 3:30am to reach Kuantan at about 12:30pm.

First meal in Kuantan.
(And it's the only picture of food because the entire trip was so tiring that we can't even stop to snap a few pictures of the food.) 

Visited the Batik Factory and it wasn't that cool HAHA.

After that, we got to a beach that's famous for...being black.

It was gorgeous. :D

The best thing is, we were the only people at the beach! :D #BeachPlease

AND they have the prettiest seashells!

We spent quite a lot of time there so the tour guide was kindda rushing us because...
we'll be going to another beach which will be a whole lot prettier.


I didn't like the second beach though. It's way too infested with people so it's a lot messier, noisier, dirtier and less "natural" compared to the previous one.

That's my uncle, stranded on a rock in the middle of nowhere.

That's all for that day though! It was tiring because we woke up really early and I couldn't really sleep in the bus so I watched movie throughout. xD

We had steamboat + BBQ at night, and had a really 'kampung' version of karaoke at the hut near our bunks.

SOOOOO the next day...

We woke up really early at 4:30am for hiking. ^_^"
I was told that we'll get to see a really nice waterfall with rainbow if we get up the mountain at the right time so I wasn't all that whiny about hiking HAHA. Anyway, recently I've been really sporty to keep myself healthy so hiking is a good choice...I guess.

We got to take an hour worth of bumpy ride. By bumpy, I really meant BUMPY. But it was super fun.

So after a hectic 1 hour of bumpy ride, we got to climb up the mountain...for another hour lol.

We weren't allowed to wear sports shoes since we'll have to cross rivers and stuff. I didn't have any hiking shoes (like why will I have it anyway?!) so I wore slippers and I nearly died.

Because the road's aren't that friendly lol. And this is the BEST ground already. The rest are just muddy and yucky.

AAAAANYWAY, I was expecting to see something similar to Victoria Falls HAHA but it turns out to be...

Not gonna lie haha my first reaction was "DID I JUST FREAKING HIKE FOR AN HOUR TO SEE THIS?!"

And there wasn't any rainbow. I feel cheated a little lol.


There was a plunge pool yay!! :D
The water is really cooling so I guess it's kindda worth it in the end...

...until we got to get down the mountain, climb for another hour and take the bumpy ride for another hour.

Since I didn't get to see any rainbows, and I'm sure it's the last time I'll visit that you go.


My grandma went hiking with all of us!!! She managed to get through everything, I feel so proud of her, and also quite paiseh for myself haha.

Anyway, after that, we got back to our bunk to wash up and head out almost immediately for the cave after lunch.

Man, was I not interested!

Honestly, there were quite a lot of interesting things to see but I was too tired to give a damn 'cause we got to climb the bumpy stairs to get into this cave.

Was told that this is a fossil of a fish because the cave used to be underwater and as years went by, it  rose up and became a cave. ^_^ So everything we stepped on used to be underwater. Pretty interesting huh?

I guess that's all for Day Two since I can't find anymore pictures from that day haha.


We woke up at 4am for hiking LOLLOL, I KNOW.

This time round, we don't have to climb rocks and cross rivers, just stairs.......

WITH A THOUSAND OVER STEPS. *wipes perspiration*

And everyone told me that the view from the peak is amazing so I'm like "YOLO" HAHA just kidding.

I ran up and reached the peak in an hour - which means it was about 5:50am. HAHA everything was pitch black.
We waited for about an hour or two to see the sunrise.

I think this was about 6:30am. Get to see a lil already.

It was indeed, breathtaking.

We didn't get to see the sun rise though. The clouds were too thick. But the clouds were gorgeous.


We're quite unlucky actually. Cannot see rainbow, cannot see sun.


We got down the mountain, washed up and headed out to get some souvenirs!

This bridge is god damn shaky. The kids jumped around on it and nearly got murdered by me.
I think I didn't get enough sleep so I was super grumpy.

After getting some products from Kuantan, Sungai Lembing, we headed to the mine.

That's me and my toned legs after all those vigorous exercises HAHAHAHA. I think I've climbed enough for a lifetime as a lazy person.

Mine painted white as an indication to show that it's safe for mining! #Smart #IKnow

That's all the pictures I have.

Just kidding, we took a few hundreds of pictures but only these can make it.
And I'm too lazy to edit anyway so these will do la.

My family + relatives from Malaysia. ^_^ Not all of them though haha I have a huge family.



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  1. I thought your post was entertaining and funny. It's nice that you have a large family. I liked the part where you went to the waterfall and it was lackluster. I also liked the caves too, they look pretty cool.

  2. Wow where did you get that $tress cap?

  3. I went there before! I've climb the Mountain to see the sunrise also! It was really great! Hahah

  4. Peishi~ May i know the travel tour you followed is from sg or msia? I'm a malaysian and am interested with this trip lehh >.<