Korean Inspired Dewy Makeup Look

Few days ago, I uploaded my new makeup tutorial - Korean Inspired Dewy Makeup Look!
It has been one of the makeup looks that I really really adore and has been wanting to do a tutorial on it, so finally, here it is~

It is one of my favourite makeup looks because it looks very natural and is really quick and easy to do.
I've been doing this makeup for quite some time now while I was embracing my natural tapered eyelids lol.

Another thing I love about this is the illusion (or not) of DEWY skin!
Who doesn't like youthful bouncy face without any pores?

One thing I noticed from Ulzzangs (Korea's Best Faces) are their PERFECT skin. Another thing I noticed is that their skin all look very dewy and bouncy which is why it gives us an illusion of a poreless baby face!

You can watch my video to see how to achieve that dewy finish, and on top of that, the full makeup to enhance your features! (HAHA JUST TRICKED YOU INTO WATCHING MY VIDEO LOL)

Anyway, I forgot to add mascara in the video. You can leave your lashes the way it is or just curl it a little!
What I usually like to do is to leave it alone HAHA but when I have to take pictures, I'll coat it with a thin coat of mascara and comb my lashes through using an eyelash comb. This way, it takes away the clumps and slightly darkens + thickens your lashes in the most natural way. :D

A closer view of my makeup!

Dewy skin is something you cannot photoshop! Just like lip gloss.

Hope you like this post + the video! :D


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  1. thanks for posting that video! your skin is amazing :) just wondering, what's the coverage of the aura color control cream from face shop? and does it leave a whitish/greyish cast, like some bb creams do? thinking of trying that out after watching your video lol

  2. Peishi can you tell me where you get your Oring flash? Does any camera can use it ? Really hope to get your reply cause Ive been looking for these kind of flash quite long !! Thanks

  3. it looks a little oily not dewy and eye contacts are super creepy and fake

  4. Challenge Accepted!

  5. hiii you are so cuteee <3 hope we can collaboration kpop makeup artist someday ^^