Advertorial: Otmill

Weeks ago, Otmill sent me some really nice clothes from their collection.

It looks pretty baggy on me but I love it like this because it makes my outfit look casual and simple!

Suitable for the "I just woke up" look also hahaha. You can wear this as an outerwear on top of your spag strap! Quite versatile so you can mix and match it around.

This cardigan is soooo soft!!! The colours are really cute too! 
It has gold buttons so they brighten up the cardigan a little.

With chains dangling on the shoulder area for a more edgy look. 

If you like the clothes on me, you can get them from OTMILL!
They have plenty other adorable clothes up in store just for you. 

AAAAND the best part is...

There are SALES going on! 

1st piece will be 20% off and 40% for 2 pieces or more!

Shop now at OTMILL and subscribe to their newsletter for updates~

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  1. The Shayenne top looks pretty cool! Thanks for sharing, Peishi! :D

    Celyx Lim

  2. you should tie up your hair more often! you look stunning :)