Advertorial: Otmill


CNY is around the corner so I've been really busy with shopping haha.

Anyway, here's a new post featuring Otmill. :D

I've selected three pullovers from Otmill. Pullovers are such amazing creations because they make skinny people look fatter, and fatter people, skinnier.
They are loose fitting so they will not wrap up our body and emphasise on our flaws. YAY!!

Absolutely love pullovers, especially when it is in BURGUNDY RED.

Burgundy Red is my new favourite colour!!! This colour compliments most skin tone so you won't have to worry if it will look awkward on you.

Another pullover I ADORE is this...

Otmill's Katelyn Pullover!

Super pretty with all the little cat faces.

Another comfortable pullover from Otmill - Zoey Aztec Pullover!

Definitely something that all the Aztec prints lovers should get!

Otmill ships internationally so hello overseas readers, you can get their pretty apparels too! :D

My readers get to have 10% discount if you include "PSCNY10" in your order!

Remember to 'like' Otmill's Facebook Page for frequent updates!
They have new apparels every week!

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  1. the burgundy red is my fav !! love it so much and speishi you look super pretty here !!!!