ABTM2 Gala night

...Kind of killed me because I am so dead tired now I have to skip school today.

Don't have much to talk about yesterday. I had a fun day at Little India with my classmates for the very last field of the semester.
I love field trips!!!

Rushed home to change and met up with Haocho at Clementi to head down to Harbourfront for the gala night with Nic, Janice and Nao.

The movie was really good - I find it a lot better than the first one but it really depends on your personal preferences.
It was funny and touching at the same time. I can't stop laughing throughout the whole movie and I'm dying to tell you the funny parts now BUT I don't want to be a spoiler so go watch it yourself when it's out tomorrow!

With the girls. First time meeting Janice! Such a nice girl! :)

Crazy guys, photobombing everybody's pictures yesterday!

Apparently, we were roaming around the air-conditioned area to camwhore while waiting for the ah boys to come out.

And lo and behold....

Janice the hantu HAHAHA. The shutter speed on my cam was too slow!!

Top from Jipaban/Smitten

And I only managed to take a picture of the guys on stage so here it is lol.

That's all for the night.

Last night, I thought about certain things and had a long talk with my mom.

I am so tired of everything.
I ever thought of giving up everything I have now and move on. It's not that I can't take criticisms from people, but really, there is a limit to everything. How much can a person take?
It's really tiring to feel like there is a NEED to please everyone. Worst of all, we all know it's impossible for anyone of us out here to please everyone, especially when everything I do seems to be wrong to most of the people.
The thought of having to tolerate comparisons, having to be self-conscious all the time, having to feel inferior to everyone else irks me so much I want to puke.

I have to be constantly in fear that people might dislike me when I want to do something that I will love to do.

Don't get me wrong - I love everyone and is thankful for all of your love and support. I know I shouldn't be bothered by people who does not matter to me.

It's probably just a bad thought at a bad time (prolly pms wtf).
I know I'm doing this because I like it. And I know it's not right for me to stop doing something I like just because of what others' think.

But then again, if we're fighting for something that isn't going to make us happy, I guess it's time for us to let it go and move on to strive for something that will truly make us happy.

Just saying. Or ranting.

Love you all. xx

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  1. I think people always are conscious of what others think. In the end I think it's most important for you to be happy instead of trying to make other people happy (that might not even care..). You're such a cutie, do whatever you want!

  2. Hi Pei Shi :) May I know what products you use for nose contouring ?
    Hope you can reply back, thanks ! :)

    1. I did a makeup video on my youtube (youtube.com/speishi)! I use kate eyebrow kit!

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