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Just in case you're not a follower on my twitter/instagram (WHY NOT?!), I have a new hair sponsor!!!

I'm so excited to share with you my experience at this salon because I have heard so much about them. My friends told me they were absolutely satisfied with their service and recommended me to try them out when I was dying to do something to my hair. Somehow, lady luck was on my side and now Salon Vim's my new sponsor GAHAHAHA.

Thank you for having me!

I went to do my hair on the last day of 2012 and decided to go completely crazy with my hair haha.

That's my old grumpy hair!

Salon Vim's a really busy salon so it will be good if you call them to set an appointment beforehand.

I chose an ash blond series for my base colour. It's the one in the centre!

...And I did highlights on my hair too!


Wait for it.

Craycray bright pink highlights! I have purple on the inside too. xD

When I say I went crazy with my hair, I mean I went crazy with my hair. LOL.

You can see my purple highlights at the tip from here! It's actually a bunch on the inside.

I went home and everybody got so surprised by my pink highlights HAHA.
I really liked the colour but I decided to go tone it down a bit because I find it difficult to match my clothes lol.

Steve, my hairstylist, was really nice and called up the next day (after I did my pink highlights) to ask if I'm satisfied with the result and if I would like to tone the brightness down! :D
Good service, checked!

So...I got back a week after.

I did treatment after re-dyeing my hair. YES I HAVE SMOOTH HAIR NOW, WANNA TOUCH?

My hair is really dry so they did extreme, all soft and smooth lock on me! You can ask them which treatment fits your hair condition the most. :D


Ash blond with red highlights.

This fits my style more so I prefer this to the previous one!

Salon Vim has an outlet at Somerset 313, but now, they have a newer outlet at Bugis! I did my hair at their bugis outlet.
It's located among the row of shophouses at Bugis Village! Super easy to spot them. :)

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  2. Hey peishi! Would you mind telling me if they did bleached the few streaks of hair before highlighting it?? Or totally no bleaching? ^^ thks so much!!!!!!