DIY: Rainbow Pancakes

Don't you love the colours of the spectrum?!

I've been seeing these super pretty rainbow desserts going around tumblr (okay now it's almost EVERYWHERE) and I've been dying to try making them myself!
Sad to say, I'm a super lazy person so I will take forever to get up and bake a rainbow cake.

So......instead of baking cakes, I decided to try out the rainbow pancakes! I posted it on Instagram and it seems like everybody's dying to know how I made it - HERE YOU GO!

You'll feel very cheated after reading this post because it is really really easy to make. Nothing as difficult as what you thought!

First of all,

-Pancake mix
-Food Colourings (Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Green, or purple and other colours of the spectrum if you want.)
-Maple Syrup

That's all LOL.

You can make your own pancake mix but that's just too troublesome for lazy people like me. Why go through the hassle when you can get pancake mix so easily out there?! It's cheap too!

I got my pancake mix and food colourings from Sheng Shiong (Sheng shiong, all for you~~~*Pat shoulder and point at you*)!

Mix your pancake mix in a big bowl and separate them equally into small bowls (preferably disposable ones so you don't have to wash the bowls LOL. Sorry Gaia, I still love you.) for the different colours you have.
Just a tiny drop of food colouring will be more than enough.

TAADANG!! So pretty hoho.

Take a non-stick pan and cook your pancake. Make sure you see the top turn bubbly and the sides cooked before you flip it over.

Serve it on a plate, wait for it to cool down a little.

Pour some maple syrup and add some butter!


It's really easy but the pancakes take forever to cook. -__-"
I did these with my mom (though she obviously did more than me lol).

You can make them in different shapes too! Here's my attempt on the heart shape.
Same steps but pour your pancake mix in a pancake mold when you're cooking them. Got mine from Daiso.

Butter the sides of your mold else you'll have a REEEAAALLLYYY hard time.

Prepare to puke/poop rainbow after eating these LOL.

They don't taste like how they look though, they are all colourings HAHAHA. Taste like any other pancakes so if you're really very lazy, just close your eyes and imagine you're eating rainbow pancakes when you're eating the normal-looking ones.

Thanks for reading~! *pukes rainbow*

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  1. The rainbow pancakes look so yummy :)
    Those colours of the pancakes are beautiful just like you :)

    -Female reader of your blog

  2. Hello Peishi, can I know what's the brand of the pancake mix you used? I love your blog!


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  4. Peishi! Pls do more blogposts and utube vids i love them n ur so funny 😂😂